More $5 to $10 Gift Exchange Ideas

Last year I put together a list of $5 to $10 gift exchange ideas that uses one of my favorite strategies – combining a simple homemade item with a complimentary store bought item. This is a strategy that’s worked so well for me over the years and it’s a great way to be able to put together a fun little gift bag or package and still keep the cost reasonable or within price guidelines that might be set up by a group you’re participating with. Plus the gift includes the thoughtfulness of something homemade which is always a nice touch.

Ideas for a $5 to $10 gift exchange

So this year I decided to once again give you a few more ideas for this type of gift giving because I always think it helps to have plenty of resourceful tricks up our sleeve when it comes to teacher gifts, co-worker gifts, neighbor gifts, secret santa gifts, or family gifts that fall into the $5 to $10 gift price category. I hope you find some inspiration!

More Ideas for $5 to $10 Gifts

1 – Bubbling Bath Salts with a spa bath pillow

2 – A jar of Potato Soup Mix with a soup mug or bowl

3 – Homemade Cut-Out Christmas Cookies with some flavored teas

4 – Or make Homemade Tea Bags and buy the cookies!

5 – A quick knit Bow-Tie Scarf with an inexpensive pair of knit gloves

6 – Homemade chocolates or chocolate bark with a bag of flavored coffee

7 – Homemade Stress Balls with a CD of relaxing music

8 – Cherry Salsa with a bag of tortilla chips
(Note: This salsa is not canned so make sure the recipient knows it needs to be refrigerated)

9 – Some Round Knit Scrubbies with festive Christmas kitchen towels

Ideas for a gift exchange using homemade items

10 – A homemade planner with brightly colored post-its, stickers, or pens

11 – Cinnamon Spice Body Scrub with a bottle of lotion

12 – Rosewater Moisturizing Spray and/or DIY Chapstick with cozy slipper socks

And here’s a couple of ideas for the kids too:

13 – Homemade Play Dough with some cookie cutters
(for instance we like using these dinosaur cookie cutters)

14 – Homemade Water Paints with a pad of watercolor paper and brushes

And once again, here’s the link to last year’s list: 20 ideas for $5 to $10 gift exchanges.

Additional recipes for festive food gift giving:

Quick and Easy Peppermint Bark Recipe

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