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Thanks for stopping by The Make Your Own Zone and visiting my About Me page. To help you get to know me a little better here’s a super interesting interview I did with myself.

Can you please tell us who you are?

I sure can and thanks for starting off with an easy question that I can handle. My name is Beverly Leestma, but you can call me Bev.  I like to keep things casual around here.

And where are you from?

I live in  beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan, the same city where I grew up. In fact the house where I’ve spent most of my married life is less than a mile away from the home where I grew up. I’m a pretty midwestern kind of gal and haven’t done much world traveling. I’m happy here because we have beautiful beaches on Lake Michigan and I would really, really miss them if I lived anywhere else.

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You referred to your married life up there in that answer, right?

Yup. I’ve been happily married for 36 years and have two children who are both young adults now, and I’m a grandma now too!

Oh, so you’re kind of old then?

No, where did you get that crazy idea? But I do have lots of life experience that helps me write this blog.

Ah yes, the blog. We should talk about that. When did you start this blog?

I started writing this blog in July, 2010.  Here’s how it looked back then . . . that’s me there stirring stuff up in my mixing bowls 🙂

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And where did you get the idea to write The Make Your Own Zone?

I’ve always loved to find ways to make things myself. I like the feeling of being self sufficient and being able to go to my cupboard and whip together what I need with whatever I have available. So often though I couldn’t find the recipes and instructions I wanted for easy “from scratch” recipes and I had to come up with my own way of doing things. Or I would find a recipe and wonder if it would really work. I decided I would share what was I learning by writing this blog. I figured there might be a few other folks like me out there in the world who were self sufficient and frugal too.

You do seem pretty frugal. Are you a big cheapskate?

Well, I wouldn’t say I’m a big cheapskate but I do like to get the biggest bang I can for my buck. I think it’s important to use our resources wisely and not waste money and making your own stuff is a good way to do that.

Isn’t it a lot of hard work to make all your own stuff?

I’m always on the lookout for the easy and simple stuff and try to stay away from things that are tedious or time consuming. Most of the things you’ll find here on the Make Your Own Zone go together pretty quickly. Time is another precious resource that I don’t like to waste, although I try to always take the time to test any recipe before I blog about it.

Do you spend all your time working on this blog?

Well I probably should. I wish I didn’t have such a problem sitting around doing sudoku puzzles and playing solitaire instead of getting down to work.  I tell myself that I’m giving myself balance because all work and no play will make me a dull girl.  And speaking of time, is this interview about over?

Bev at The Make Your Own Zone

Yes, we know a little bit more about you now. But can you please tell us how your readers can contact you if they have other questions or comments?

I love to hear from my readers! You can use the “Contact” tab on the navigation bar above to send me a message, or you can email me at [email protected]

How about social media?  Can your readers find you there?

Yes, I try to keep up with social media too and you can follow me using the links below: