Make Your Own Dill Pickles

Make your own dill pickles with this simple method that let’s you soak sliced cucumbers with the addition of your own natural ingredients. This mixture can sit on the countertop or in the refrigerator for 24 hours while the flavors infuse, and then they’re ready to enjoy!
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Homemade Sanitizing Hand Wipes

Make your own hand wipes using this simple strategy of moistening paper towels with a rubbing alcohol mixture. Different sized containers and batches can be made with this recipe too.
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bottles of essential oils

6 Affordable Essential Oil Scents

I like to add essential oils to my recipes, but like to keep my mixtures frugal too. Here are my six favorite essential oils scents that are affordable and versatile too.
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Rolo Pecan Candies {DIY Turtles}

These treats are quick and simple, but are also a special and indulgent treat that’s a great combo of sweet and salty flavors that will remind you of Turtle candy. They’re perfect for gift giving around the holidays too.
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