Free Printable Tab Dividers for Planners

A frugal planning solution I’ve been using for quite a while now is making my own planner each year. I’ve also been making my free printable planner pages available for all of you that might want to make your own planners too. But if you’ve been making your own planner and have felt just a bit of frustration that it didn’t have any monthly tabs or other tab dividers like the store bought versions do, I have a possible solution. Let’s just make our own planner tab dividers too!

DIY planner monthly divider tabs in a DIY Arc notebook planner

Printable Monthly Divider Tabs

To help you make your own planner divider tabs, I’ve created a few sets of printables that you can simply print off on your home computer printers and then cut them apart to use them.

The first sets of tabs I have available for you will help you divide your planner into the months of the year. Each tab has a name of a month and I have three color options too. (Some blank tabs are coming up a few paragraphs below)

printable pages of monthly planner divider tabs

The most colorful option has 12 colors of tabs and each monthly tab is a different color. Then there’s a semi-colorful option that uses six colors. These six colors will also work nicely with my free planner pages for 2023 that were made in an olive green shade . The final option was also created to go with my 2023 pages and are for anyone who likes to keep things monochromatic and they are all one color – just olive green! Click on the links below to get the pdf to print your monthly tabs:

12 color printable monthly planner tabs
6 color printable monthly planner tabs
1 color printable monthly planner tabs

Cutting Out and Using Your Printable Tabs

Once you’ve printed out the tabs of your choice, you’ll need to cut them out and get them set up in your planner. Here’s the method I use:

I first cut out around all the straight outside edges of the tab. Then I carefully fold the tab in half. Once the tab is folded in half, I then cut the curved edges that are now at the top of the tab. Cutting these curved edges while the tab is folded helps ensure that the final tab has a top edge that looks clean and neat.

Cutting out printable planner divider tabs

After the tabs are cut out, you will glue them onto a planner page to help mark where each month begins in your planner. A basic glue stick is probably the best tool for this job.

Open up the tab and apply the glue on the inside by the straight edges. Decide where you would like to position the tab and then glue the tab to the back side of a page (with the curved part of the tab sticking out beyond the page). Then fold the tab in half and glue it down on the front side of the page.

Adding monthly tabs to a homemade planner

You may have also noticed that the month was printed upside down on the top of the tabs. This is so that once the tabs are glued onto a page, the name of the month shows up on both the front and the back of the page and you can still read the tab no matter which way the page is turned.

A homemade planner with DIY monthly divider tabs

Blank Printable Divider Tabs Too!

Organizing a planner into monthly sections is a very common way to set things up, but perhaps you have your own unique sections in your planner that you wish to label as well. If that’s the case, I’ve also created a couple sets of divider tabs that are blank and you can write on them or label them in any way that you wish. I used slightly lighter/pastel colors for these tabs so that you can write on them with an ink pen or pencil and the writing should still show up OK.

pages of printable blank planner tabs

Once again, there’s a 12 color option where every tab is a different color. There’s also a 4 color option with 3 blank tabs in each color. Click on the links below to print your free blank planner tabs:

12 colors of printable blank divider tabs
4 colors of printable blank divider tabs

If you need a few ideas for helpful sections for your homemade planners, you can once again check out my post with my free printable planner pages, and the very last section of printable links is titled “Helpful Extra Pages” and includes free printables for things folks have requested from me over the years including a To-Do List, Shopping List, Notes page, Menu Plan, and more.

Making your own planners can be a handy way to keep yourself a bit more organized and gives you the flexibility to try out different styles and layouts of calendar pages. Perhaps these free tabs can be resourceful and helpful addition for you to try too!

printable divider tabs in a planner

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