Strawberries in a salad spinner soaking in vinegar and water to make them last longer

DIY Ways to Wash Produce

If you’d like to give your fruits and vegetables a more thorough cleaning than just rinsing them under water, try one of these DIY ideas for either soaking your produce or using a homemade spray.
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Simple Blueberry Syrup Topping

This simple two ingredient mixture lets you enjoy a blueberry syrup topping on your pancakes or waffles without all the calories or sugar by using a quick combo of berries and juice that heats up in just a couple of minutes. If you’d like a little extra sweetness, a bit of pure maple syrup or agave syrup can be stirred in as well.
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My Simple Smoothie “System”

This simple method that I call my Smoothie System has helped me create all kinds of delicious, cool, and creamy smoothies with no need for a recipe or measuring. You can create your own flavor combinations or use the system to easily adapt other smoothie recipes. This system uses the visual strategy of creating three layers in your blending container.
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Homemade almond milk

How To Make Your Own Almond Milk

When you make your own almond milk, you know you have a natural mixture with no mystery ingredients. This recipe uses almonds, water, and dates and yields about 2 cups of homemade almond milk.
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Sal Suds Dilution Sheet & Cleaning Recipes

Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner is a great multi-purpose cleaner that can be used on all kinds of surfaces (anything that can get wet!) However it’s a concentrated cleaner that needs to be diluted with water first for most cleaning purposes. Here are 10 ways you can dilute your Sal Suds for a variety of cleaning chores.
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Make Your Own Taco Sauce

This quick homemade version of taco sauce starts with a can of tomato sauce that you flavor with a bit of vinegar and spices from your pantry. The result is a speedy and delicious way to enjoy taco sauce and you may never buy ready-made taco sauce again!
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Bow Tie Keyhole Knitted Scarf (For Kids Too!)

This handy little scarf is just the right size to fit around your neck and gives you added warmth without any bulkiness. This free pattern has 3 sizes for small (children ages 3 to 7) medium (children ages 8 to 12) and large (teens and adults).
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