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It’s always handy and helpful to have a few mason jar gift ideas ready to use for those times when you need a little something extra to give someone, but you want to keep things quick and easy too. And today I’ve got a simple idea for you that not only combines my love of layered jar gifts, but includes my love of feeding the birds too – these very simple bird seed jar gifts!

A layered jar gift of bird seed

Making A Bird Seed Jar Gift

Anyone who loves birds and has bird feeders already would always welcome a gift of more bird seed. You could also give this bird seed jar gift to someone and include a small hanging birdfeeder with your gift as well. And while you don’t necessarily have to layer your bird seed jar gift, it’s an easy and fun way to make your jar just a little more special. Here’s all you need to do:

Step 1: Choose Your Bird Seed

If you want to make layers in your bird seed jar, you’ll need at least two different bird seeds that look slightly different and that are perhaps a bit more unique than the usual generic bird seed. The two I used in my jar are a “No Mess Seed and Suet Blend” which is rather nice as it includes sunflower seeds, but they’re already hulled so not as messy! The second one I chose was a “Nut and Berry” blend that had some interesting things in it to attract a variety of birds and also had some darker seeds in it to add contrast to my layering. I found both of these at my local Menards store.

Bags of bird seeds to make a jar gift

Step 2: Choose a Large Jar and Begin Layering

Now that you’ve chosen your seeds, you can begin layering your jar. A quart mason jar can be used but it doesn’t hold much seed, so I recommend using something larger. I doubled the size and used a 2 quart (half gallon) glass jar that I purchased at the craft store. Then I alternated layers of my two different types of seed, using about 1-1/2 cups per layer. A 2 quart jar will hold about 9 to 10 cups of seed. I also found it very helpful to use my canning jar funnel to keep the seed from flying around as I filled my jars.

Filling a jar with bird seed to make a jar gift

Step 3: Add a Tag and Ribbon to Your Bird Seed Jar

Once your jar is layered, you can put on the lid and then add a few embellishments. I’ve made a couple of simple tags that you can use if you wish too – one for Christmas and one for any time of the year. Here’s the link for the free printable tags:

Printable Tags for A Bird Seed Jar Gift

A layered jar gift with printable tags

You can use this printable as either a label you can stick on your jar, or as a tag you can add with some ribbon. For instance, here’s the Christmas tag on the front of the jar, with a simple ribbon tied around the top. A super easy jar gift for Christmas!

A layered jar of bird seed for a Christmas gift

But of course, it doesn’t have to be a holiday. A bird lover appreciates a gift of bird seed any time of the year! Here’s an example of a jar where I just put some jute ribbon around the lid (ribbon found at the Dollar Store!) and then added the tag with some jute cord tied around the neck of the jar. Still very easy to do!

A layered jar gift using bird seed

Step 4: Give Your Jar Gift to a Bird Lover!

So that’s all there is to do! Just layer a couple types of bird seed into a large jar, add some ribbon or cord along with my free printable bird seed jar label, and your gift is ready to give to a friend, neighbor, teacher, family member, or anyone in your life who enjoys feeding the birds.

A layered jar gift of bird seed
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Bird Seed Layered Jar Gift

This quick and easy layered jar using bird seed makes a thoughtful gift for the bird lover in your life.
Yield: 1 Gift Jar
Author: Beverly


  • Large Glass Jar with Lid (I used a 2 Quart Size)
  • Measuring Cup
  • Canning Jar Funnel (Not necessary but very helpful!)


  • Two Types of Bird Seed that contrast in color
  • Ribbon or Cord for Embellishment


  • Begin by pouring about 1½ cups of the first type of bird seed into the jar.
  • Layer another 1½ cups of the second type of bird seed.
  • Continue with these alternating layers until the jar is filled. (If you use a 2 quart jar it will hold about 9 to 10 cups of seed and you should get six or seven layers of seed).
  • Screw the lid on your jar and finish by adding a label and/or some ribbon to your jar.


The lighter colored seed I used was KayTee Seed & Suet No Mess Blend, and the darker colored seed was Better Bird Nut N’ Berry.

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