Christmas Craft Flashback #3 – Felt Gingerbread Men

The next homemade Christmas ornament in our Christmas Craft Flashback are these cute little felt gingerbread men. Even though I followed a pattern from the fabric store, they required no sewing (Yay!).

gingerboy pattern

I did a quick check to see if this pattern (Simplicity 9768) was still available, but it’s old and out of print. My pattern is dated 1995 (Yikes . . Has it been that long !?!) I did find a few copies available on ebay. Therefore I think it will be OK to share this pattern and instructions. Here is a link below for a pdf for the pieces you will need.

= = = > > > Pattern

These felt ornaments are made using paper-backed fusible web. A common brand name is Wonder-Under. You should be able to buy this off the bolt by the yard at a fabric store. Fusible web works with the heat of your iron to transfer an adhesive onto your fabric. If you are not familiar with this type of product, here’s an example of the Wonder Under brand.

Felt Gingerbread Men Ornaments

You Will Need:
Tan Felt
Adhesive Paper Backed Fusible Web (such as  Wonder Under)
Small amount of fabric for the “pants”
Small amount of contrasting color felt for the bowtie
A few buttons
Craft Paint in white, black, and red
Toothpicks for putting the paint on the ornament
A small amount of ribbon for the hanger
Hot glue gun or craft glue

1. Trace the gingerbread man pattern onto the tan felt and cut out. Do this three times for each ornament you are making.

2. Fuse the three layers together with the fusible web. (the three layers makes a nice sturdy ornament).

3. Trace the pattern for the pants onto the fabric and cut out.

4. Fuse to the felt using the fusible web.


5. Using the white craft paint and a toothpick, make small dashes around the edge of the ornament.

6. Using the black paint and a clean toothpick, draw two eyes and smile.

7. Using the red paint and clean toothpick, make two small circles for rosy cheeks.

8. Cut a small bow tie shape from a contrasting color of felt and glue on at the top of the pants.

9. Glue two or three small buttons down the front.

10. Cut a 6″ piece of ribbon and glue both ends to the back of the gingerbread man’s head to make a  hanger for the ornament.

gingerboy 2

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  1. I am slowly warming up to being Crafty. This looks like something I would enjoy doing and that the children could help with.Thanks for providing the pattern and encouraging us to use it. Personally I would of just started hacking with some scissors and wind up with gingerbread starfish.