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New pages are now available for 2022 and I’ve created some that are pdf fillable too! You can find them here – – > Free Printable Planner Pages for 2022 (and beyond!)

It’s been five years now since I first decided to create my own planner using the Arc disc bound notebook system. I had a hunch that I would like making my own planner and that’s certainly proved to be true. This has finally been a simple system that I’ve been able to stick with primarily because the disc bound systems give you the flexibility to take pages in and out at any time as needed. It’s the perfect solution for people like me with planner commitment issues!

And for these past five years that I’ve been making my own printable planner pages, I’ve also been sharing them here as free printable planner pdfs because I know lots of you are looking for a way to print your own planner pages too and it makes me happy to be able to help.

Free printable planner pages

This year I once again have two color options. There’s a colorful rainbow option, or a very basic blue and gray option. There’s not much middle ground this year – all the colors or not much color. πŸ™‚

The list of available sizes and styles continues to grow too as each year I add a few more things that I’m using or that others have requested. Here’s a quick look at some of the new items:

A Weekly Focus Page
This is a new style I came up with for myself that I’ve been using for several months now and have found very helpful. One side of the page has a familiar weekly layout, but the other half of the page has blank boxes where I can make lists and jot down notes for different areas that I need to focus on. I’ve created the Focus Page with fillable fields in the pdf at the top of each box so that you can customize your page and type in the category names that you want. The four categories I use for myself and that are pictured below are Home (household chores I’m hoping to get done during the week), Blog (various work tasks I need to do), Healthy Eating (recipes I hope to try during the week), and Errands. This method has helped me to keep track of things I hope to accomplish during the week, without scheduling them on any certain day.

printable weekly planner page for Arc notebooks
This is how I fill in the four areas of focus, but you can customize the pdf with whatever you need

A Daily Planning Page
In addition to the weekly and monthly pages I’ve been providing, I’ve also had requests for some kind of a daily page. So this year I’ve added a new Daily Plans page in both the half size and the full size. It begins with an area where you can list your top three priorities for the day, followed by areas for Places to Be and Things to Do, and finally wrapping up with an area for Daily Gratitude because every day goes a little better if we remember to be thankful!

Daily planning printable page

A Monthly Page and Notes Page for Compact Size
I’ve only ever had just one weekly option for the smallest of the Arc notebooks. However someone shared with me that these little books fit very nicely in backpacks and could I please make just a few more options? So this year I’ve added a new notes page and a blank monthly page for the little compact books, as well as a 12 month calendar.

printable pages for arc compact notebooks

How To Make Your Own Planner

For detailed info on the tools I use and how I make my own planner you can visit my Planner Resource Page. Here also is a quick overview:

I use the Junior Size Arc Notebook that has 8 discs
I like to print my pages on the heavier 32 Lb paper
I use my paper trimmer to neatly cut my pages in half so they fit the junior size notebook
I then punch my pages using my portable size Arc punch

The three size options available for printing are:

Half Size – These are designed to be printed on 8.5×11 paper and then cut down the middle and punched at the outside edges (which then become the new inside edges) so that they fit into the junior size notebooks with 8 discs. This size continues to be my favorite.

Full Size – These are designed to be printed on 8.5×11 paper, and the complete sheet is used without cutting. They will fit in the larger letter size Arc notebooks with 12 discs or in a standard 3 ring binder.

Compact Size – These are designed to be printed on 8.5×11 paper and then cut into fours (cut down the middle both length-wise and width-wise). These will fit in the compact size Arc notebooks with 5 discs.

free printable planner pages in three different sizes

The two color options for 2021 available for printing are:

Rainbow – A bright and colorful option, especially if you like the organized ROYGBIV way of looking at color.

Blue – A simple and basic blue and gray format that’s business and guy-friendly.

print your own planner pagesw

A reminder about printing: When printing the pdf’s be sure to select “Actual Size” or “100%” in your pdf program so that no extra white space is added around the edges. For the half size sheets, you will also have to select the “Landscape” orientation.

The Free Printable Planner Page List For 2021

Here now is the complete list of printable planner page options for 2021 which include weekly, monthly, daily, and year-at-a-glance.

Vertical Weekly Planner Page Options:

The vertical weekly options are designed with columns that are perfect for writing lists. The small boxes at the top of the columns are for writing in the dates for each week.

Still one of my favorite layouts!

Vertical Monday Start – Half Size – Rainbow
Vertical Monday Start – Half Size – Blue

Vertical Monday Start – Half Size Weekly Focus – RainbowNEW!
Vertical Monday Start – Half Size Weekly Focus – BlueNEW!

Vertical Sunday Start – Half Size – Rainbow
Vertical Sunday Start – Half Size – Blue

Vertical Monday Start – Full Size 1 pg – Rainbow
Vertical Monday Start – Full Size 1 pg – Blue

Vertical Monday Start – Full size 2 pg – Rainbow
Vertical Monday Start – Full Size 2 pg –  Blue

Vertical Sunday Start – Full Size 1 pg – Rainbow
Vertical Sunday Start –  Full Size 1 pg – Blue

Vertical Sunday Start – Full Size 2 pg – Rainbow
Vertical Sunday Start – Full size 2 pg – Blue

Horizontal Weekly Planner Page Options:

The horizontal layout is a nice choice if you like to write longer sentences of text in your planner as opposed to a list format. One of the full size options is pictured below.

printable planner pages

Horizontal Monday Start – Half Size – Rainbow
Horizontal Monday Start – Half Size – Blue

Horizontal Sunday Start – Half Size – Rainbow
Horizontal Sunday Start – Half Size – Blue

Horizontal Monday Start – Full Size 2 pg – Rainbow
Horizontal Monday Start – Full Size 2 pg – Blue

Horizontal Sunday Start – Full Size 2 pg – RainbowNEW!
Horizontal Sunday Start – Full Size 2 pg – BlueNEW!

Horizontal Monday Start – Compact Size – Rainbow
Horizontal Monday Start – Compact Size – Blue

Daily Planner Page Option:

For those that like to have a dedicated place for a daily plan, this new option has been added. Because this is an undated sheet, it’s also been added to the Planner Resource Page.

Daily planner page free printable

Daily Plans – Half Size – RainbowNEW!
Daily Plans – Half Size – BlueNEW!

Daily Plans – Full Size – RainbowNEW!
Daily Plans – Full Size – BlueNEW!

Monthly Planner Page Options

In addition to making weekly plans, it’s handy to have a monthly point of reference too. I’ve got options for blank months where you can fill in the dates as needed for any month you choose, as well as monthly options completely filled out for the 12 months of the year. The 12 month options can be printed back-to-back and used as a group, or cut apart and punched on either side to insert wherever it’s needed in your notebook. For some of these sizes the 12 month groups look like they are in some crazy random order, but when printed back-to-back and then cut apart, things will flow perfectly!

Blank Month Monday Start – Half Size – Rainbow
Blank Month Monday Start – Half Size – Blue

Blank Month Sunday Start – Half Size –  Rainbow
Blank Month Sunday Start – Half Size – Blue

Blank Month and Notes page – Compact SizeNEW!

12 Months of the year – Half Size – Rainbow
12 Months of the year – Half Size – Blue

12 Months of the year – Full Size –  RainbowNEW!
12 Months of the year – Full Size – BlueNEW!

12 Months of the year – Compact Size – RainbowNEW!
12 Months of the year – Compact Size – BlueNEW!

Beginning Pages for Planner

These pages can be printed back to back and used as a group at the beginning of your planner. Included are a cover page, a list of U.S. Holidays, and a year-at-a-glance page. These are currently only available in the half size.

Make your own planner

Beginning Pages – Half Size – Rainbow
Beginning Pages – Half Size – Blue

Undated Extra Pages

Over the years I’ve had requests for other various helpful pages to insert into planners. Because these are usually undated pages that don’t change from year to year, I add them to my Planner Resource Page. Here’s a list of the pages you’ll find over there:

  • Notes Page
  • Shopping List
  • To-Do List
  • Meal Plan
  • Class Assignment
  • Arc Copycat Weekly Layout
  • Undated styles from previous years
Free printable pages for Arc notebooks and other disc bound planners

Well you’ve made it to the end of the list! I hope you’ve found a style or layout that fits your lifestyle and that you’ll be able to make your own planner too.

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  1. Thank you so much for these wonderful resources! The rainbow colored weekly focus pages are my absolute favorite. May I suggest including some printable address book pages (rainbow colored)? I think you’ve already covered anything else I could possible need πŸ™‚

  2. Do you happen to have the ’12 Months of the year – Half Size’ for the 2022 year in the same format as the 2021?

  3. Hallo.Ich finde den Planner 2021 immer noch am besten.Den Planner 2022 finde ich nicht so toll.Ich habe mir den planner 2021 fuer 2022 nochmal ausgedruckt.Mein Sohn hat mir die Zahl 2021 wegradiert.Somit habe ich einen Dauer planner.Liebe Gruesse Conny

  4. Hallo.Super Planner.Habe ihn mir ausgedruckt.Das Jahr 2021 ist ja bald vorbei.Hast du auch schon den Planner fuer 2022.DAS WAERE super.Waere es moeglich ihn dann an meine email zu schicken?LG. Conny

  5. For ARC junior,
    Do you know of a TEMPLATE?
    So, if I have paper or use your note paper, I can type whatever I want, and print to the
    junior paper?

    1. To create junior sized paper for your Arc notebook, you can just cut a standard 8.5×11 size piece of paper in half. This gives you two pieces of paper that are 4.25″ x 5.5″ which fits perfectly in Arc notebooks.

  6. Thank you so much for this. I woke up today revved up and enthusiastic about my job, my life, my goals – everything! Your pages were a big help in getting it all captured sorted & organized. Thanks for sharing your labours and thoughtfulness – it made my great day even brighter.

  7. I’m looking for a two page monthly calendar for the Junior Size. The single page just doesn’t have big enough entry space. I do like your layouts tho!

  8. This is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for taking the time and your talent to make this available!

  9. This is awesome! I never did anything without my planner when I was raising kids, and learned the Franklin system (my little secret). When working about a decade ago, I moved to online. However, now retired and crafting, I need keep myself motivated, and organized both in my craft room (project management) sales and life in general.

    Thanks for this!

    1. I was always intrigued by the Franklin system but never quite had the discipline to keep up with it. I’m glad you still found these simple planner pages helpful!

  10. Super attent dat je er zoveel werk in hebt gestopt en dat ze nog gratis zijn (wow) maakt alle werk alleen maar mooier enorm bedankt voor het delen van deze printjes. Ik ben zelf te onhandig om hier een hele dag voor uit te moeten trekken dus bewonder het enorm! Tot volgend jaar !!

  11. Thanks so much! Exactly what I would have designed for myself. You saved me the trouble and it was free!! I appreciate it very much.

  12. I love your work. At many sites i tried finding planners they asked to pay for customising or more detail. But yours is more detailed and a lot variety. I love that. Thanks

  13. This is wonderful! I buy calendars/monthly planners at dollar stores, and they are all out and getting no more. Just by luck, saw this under home-made options and printed out 6 months worth. I bought what I thought was a full year 2021 planner and come to find out it was a “student” planner that only goes through July. Duh.
    Problem solved! I just printed out pages I need to complete the existing one and add into. Thanks SO MUCH!
    I used to pay a lot for fancy planners with lots of extra pages for notes, etc.; those pages I never used! I am smarter in my old age (73) and not wasting money on what I don’t need.

  14. This is my first look at your website. I searched on a topic and you came up. It is VERY RARE to find anyone who is genuinely giving a free quality product without being bombarded with click bait and over bearing ads. I understand the need to make money, but it’s getting crazy out there.

    Thank you for offering something as seemingly simple as calendar pages. I’ve made enough of my own to get the time and energy put into them, and you are giving such a nice set, with so many options, away for free.

    Thank you for sharing your talent.

  15. Thank you! I have a daughter with 20+ doctors and have to work with a small budget so finding these wonderful pages for freeπŸ₯°πŸ₯° Thank you…just doesn’t express it enough.

  16. I was very excited to find these undated monthly half page calendars for 2021. But the two sides boxes don’t line up on the bottom on the Monday starts? That would drive me bonkers every day if I used it unfortunately.

    1. In my printing and review of the pages everything was lining up and looking OK, so I’m not sure what boxes you’re seeing that aren’t lining up for you.

  17. I am SOOO happy that I came across your page. I was just stressing out about creating my own planner and having trouble with where to start. You just made me feel so much better, thank you a million times for doing this!

  18. Hi Bev..Thank you so much for the planner inserts. I love them all.They are amazing. You are very generous to share them with everyone..Thank you again.

  19. PS: It’s not really 1:15 am. I’m on the west coast, so it’s only 10:15 here. Well, off to write my voting crib sheet in legible format.

    Cheryl Swan

  20. Hello, Bev, you are the greatest! Got on your site for the Christmas make-your-own alcoholic beverages. You do a wonderful job of explaining everything (especially grateful about pointers on buying the liquer; of which my own vast knowledge base has a whole two kinds), and you are so very generous to provide labels as well. And I keep seeing site-names I am going to have to go visit when I have more time — have to finish my ballot to take it to the polls tomorrow.

    But I had to look at the Planner pages. What a wide range o forms, and I especially like the idea of putting to-do items down on a side list without putting them on a specific day of the week. When I schedule to do something on say Tuesday, and write it in, and something comes up that I have to slide it to Wed or Thur, I always feel like a bit of a failure, even if I can fit it in another day that week. My own hangup, I know, but here you’ve given me a perfect solution and the form to use for it. Thank you!

    While browsing thru the different forms, and esp enjoying the rainbow colors, I pulled up the
    Vertical Sunday Start – Full Size 1 pg – Rainbow and was very confused for a moment, then realized you have an error on it — two Sundays and no Thursday. An improved kind of week, so to say, but as I noticed, a bit confusing.

    Thank you for all of the wonderful things you share. I am so looking forward to spending my time exploring your site.
    Have yourself a wondrous and joy-filled Holiday Season.
    Cheryl Swan

  21. Bev, thank you for the inserts and ideas. I just snagged a 2020 TUL planner on clearance from Office Max for just under $7.

    I plan on doing some experiments using Linux based page layout tools to create my own junior size inserts.

    1. I love a good clearance rack find! You can still put the discs and covers to use in the next year with your own calendar inserts.

  22. Greetings Bev.
    Not only are you creative and inventive, but very generous and kind to make these planner pages available to everyone. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity.
    Warm Regards,

      1. Thank you so much for your common sense approach to the planner. The different size options and being able to set up the calendar to print on both sides without jumping through hoops. Sounds simple but there is a lot of very pretty but not practical planner pages out there.