Creative Gift Wrapping with Pom Poms


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Yarn is a craft supply that’s always in abundance at my house. I’ve been a knitter for almost 50 years and it’s hard for me to get rid of any scrap of yarn, no matter how small. There have been many times I’ve needed just a little bit of a certain color yarn and sure enough, I’ll have something in my stash I can use!

This year as the holiday gift wrapping season approached, I thought I would try using some of my small bits of yarn as gift wrap decorations. More specifically, I decided to use my yarn in the form of pom poms on gift wrapped packages, and I’ve got a couple of ideas to share with you here today.

Pom poms on gift wrapped packages

How I Make My Own Yarn Pom Poms

Before I get to the yarn pom pom gift wrapping ideas, I’ll also share that I love my Clover Pom Pom Makers. At first I was kind of baffled by them, but now that I’ve gotten the hang of using these pom pom makers, I really like them! Of course there are lots of DIY ways to make pom poms, including just wrapping your yarn around a piece of cardboard, but if you’re a knitter and yarn lover like me, having these little pom pom making gadgets around is super handy.

making pom poms with clover pom pom maker

A quick explanation of using these pom pom makers is that they not only have top and bottom sections that come open, they also pull apart into two pieces. After you wrap the yarn around both of the sections, you can then snip the yarn loops in the groove between the two pieces. After that you tie a piece of yarn around the middle, open the two sections, pull both sides apart, and there’s your completed pom pom that you can trim nicely into shape.

Steps for using a pom pom maker

So that’s my favorite way to make my own pom poms. Now let’s look at a couple of ways to use our homemade pom poms for our gift wrapping.

Pom Pom Idea #1 – Reindeer Face Gift Wrap

The first pom pom gift wrapping idea I’m using this Christmas is to use red pom poms to make a reindeer face with a red Rudolph nose. This idea was also another creative way to use my plain brown kraft paper as creative gift wrap.

reindeer face on a gift wrapped package

For this idea, I made some red pom poms in about a 2-1/2″ size. To go with the pom pom nose, I created some antlers, ears, eyes, and mouth that I could print off, cut out, and then glue to my package. I used my crafter’s tape to attach the face cut-out’s to the package, and used my double sided tape to attach the pom pom nose.

Both of my grandkids will be getting a reindeer decorated package this year. For the smaller package, it looks cute to extend the antlers above the top of the package. But as you can see, I had one larger package and just adjusted the pieces as necessary to fit on a larger box.

gift wrap packages that look like reindeer under a Christmas tree

If you would like to try this idea too, I’m making the reindeer face printable available for free! I included a red nose to cut out too because I know not everyone loves making pom poms like me. You can use all the pieces, or just use the antlers, eyes, and nose, or any combination you wish!
Click here – – > Free Printable Reindeer Face Cut-outs

reindeer antlers, ears, and eyes to cut out

Pom Pom Idea #2 – Use As Bows on Packages

The second way I use pom poms for gift wrapping is simply to use them as you would other ribbons and bows. I wrap some of the yarn around the package two or three times and then secure it with a small knot. Then I cover that knot with a pom pom that I tie on top.

gift wrapped packages decorated with pom poms

And even if you don’t have yarn in the traditional red or green colors, you can still use this idea for wrapping Christmas presents. For the gifts pictured above, I wrapped the boxes in plain white freezer paper, and then picked colors of yarn to coordinate with the gift tags.

You can make your pom poms in two colors if you wish as well. I had some red and green yarn left from when I made these mini knit Christmas stockings, and that’s what I used on the package below along with a little bit of tulle underneath the yarn.

gift wrapped package decorated with red and green pom pom

So that’s a couple of ways I’m decorating Christmas presents with yarn this year. You can also check out this post to see a couple of other ways I decorated my plain brown and white wrapped gifts with fabric scraps and dollar store embellishments.

I learned once again that if you look around at what you already have, you may find new and creative ways to just make your own!

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  1. I have read that using dental floss to tie the pom pom at the end might be sturdier than yarn. Thanks for introducing us to the pom pom maker! Merry Christmas, Bev! Enjoy your time off.