Mini Knit Stocking Pattern {for 2 needles}


This pattern for mini knit stockings includes two of my favorite things.  Oh wait, make that three.

I can knit them up quickly, I can use up scraps of leftover worsted weight yarn, AND it uses two straight needles so I don’t have to fiddle with double pointed needles.

Yes, the dreaded double pointed needles. You would think after 40+ years of knitting that somewhere along the line I would have mastered double pointed needles.  But such is not the case.  In fact I’ll do pretty much anything to avoid them.  If you feel this way too, I think you’ll like this quick knitting pattern that let’s us just use our trusty two straight needles!

Pattern for mini knit stockings using two straight needles - no double pointed needles needed!

When you want to knit up something tiny like these little Christmas stockings, almost any pattern you find will have you using the DP’s because . . . well, because that’s how you usually knit little things. 🙂  And if you add to that a stocking pattern with a heel to turn, well you’ll almost be convinced that the only patterns that exist are for DP needles.  However If you insist on just using 2 needles (like me), you have to get a little more creative – and – you’ll have to deal with the inevitable seam to finish things up.  But that’s not a deal breaker! This pattern shows that it can be done with a couple little tricks.

Knit Mini Christmas Stockings – Heels and Seams

The first helpful trick is to make the heel of our mini stockings using short rows.  This is a method of turning your work before you complete the row.  (There’s a video on my knit dischloth pattern post that shows me doing a short row if you are unfamiliar with them).

The second very helpful trick is to use the Mattress Stitch to sew up the seam of this stocking. Once you get the hang of it, it’s really an invisible seam! You can even use a different color yarn and it’s not visible (which is very handy on this pattern if you’re making a stocking with a contrasting color toe). Here’s a helpful video I found showing how to do the mattress stitch.  Using the mattress stitch let’s you finish these little stockings with a nice smooth seam that you really can’t even see.

Using mattress stitch to make mini knit Christmas stockings

Three Color Options For Your Knit Stockings

Once I figured out how I wanted to do my short rows and sew up the seam, I found that it was hard to stop making more little Christmas stockings! They knit up fast and the next thing I knew, I had a whole collection of little stockings.

And for the sake of variety, I came up with three color options that are included in this pattern:  A basic stocking with a contrasting color cuff on the top – OR – a 2nd option that adds a contrasting heel and toe too – OR – a 3rd option that adds some stripes in too.

Pattern for mini knit stockings using two straight needles - no double pointed needles needed!

The finished stockings are approximately 4″ long and can be used for ornaments or gift decorations or wherever you want a little Christmas cheer!

Free printable pattern here – – > Mini Knit Stockings

Happy Knitting!

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Pattern for mini knit stockings using two straight needles - no double pointed needles needed!

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  1. Adorable. I just made one in half an hour.
    Have you written out an adjusted version to make a large stocking…one that could be used as a stocking for the holidays?
    Thank you,

  2. These are so cute! A quick knit that I did for each of my ladies in my knitting group! They loved them. I ended up using the German short row for the heel. Thanks for the pattern. This is definitely a keeper. I wish I could include a picture for you. Thanks again!

  3. These are so perfect to announce my baby’s gender to my family members. One question.
    What does it mean to cut the contrasting yarn and attach the main yarn?

    1. What a cute way to announce your baby! When it says to cut the contrasting yarn and attach the main color, it simply means that you are done knitting with the first color (the contrasting color), so you can now attach the next color you will be knitting with (the main color). Because you are done knitting with the contrasting color, you can cut that yarn and keep knitting with the main color that was attached.

        1. The designer is using the word attach, when what you need to do is switch yarn to do the next colour as you normally would.

  4. Thank you SO much for this pattern!
    Our community has a Christmas lunch for people who would be on their own otherwise, and they have goodie bags to take home too. I thought it would be nice if I knit a mini stocking for each person, fill with a couple of sweets and could be hung on the tree as a decoration afterwards. So I offered to do so last week….
    Then I found out there were 100 people!
    And the organisers need them two weeks before Christmas!!
    But thanks to your AWESOME pattern I am well on the way to meeting that crazy deadline. There’s no way it would have been possible without you – thank you!!

    1. You will be a busy knitter! 🙂 I think it’s great that you are giving of your time and efforts to pass some Christmas cheer along to others and I’m so glad my pattern could help.

    1. I think I would try going up a needle size and/or using thicker yarn as the first attempt to make a larger stocking.

  5. Love these! Thanks for sharing the pattern, really easy to follow and works great! I am going to try and make enough for an advent calendar for my son. Two down so far! 😂

  6. I went on a coach trip one Christmas and a lovely lady gave us a pretty stocking each all knitted by herself even thou she didnt know anyone I think 60 of us I love mine

  7. You have made me such a happy knitter! I have tried to use circular needles and I just cannot master the technique. So nice to hear someone else admit the same thing. If I can’t knit it flat, It doesn’t get made.

  8. I’m ready for the next holiday season! I’ve made a pile of these, strung them on garlands, alternated with matching little mittens… It looks like Christmas just exploded all over my house!
    My favorite version of this pattern is made with size 10 crochet thread (held double throughout) knit on size US 2 needles. It makes a tiny stocking the perfect size to gift wrap a lip balm or a couple pieces of candy. Absolutely adorable!

      1. I took it to the next level. I used one strand of crochet thread and size US 0 needles. I was knitting out on the edge! It made a little sock about 1½ inches long which make lovely lapel pins for all occasions. Tiny, 1 hole pin backs sew on with 4 little stitches. Rainbow thread makes a striped sock perfect for Pride.
        In olive drab it’s also the perfect size for GIJoe to hang by the chimney with care for the holiday card photo.

  9. Oh I just finished my little stocking and I love it. Now I must have several colors. Thank you so much for this pattern. Love it!

    1. I actually made some in fun colors too like orange, blue, and pink. They turned out just as cute as the traditional Christmas colored ones.

  10. I am happy to see that I am not the only one who, after years of knitting, still prefers to work with straights and knitting flat. I detest circular needles and knitting in the round!