Upcoming Instructions for Wedding Projects (Finally!)

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Some of you may remember me mentioning in a few blog posts last summer that we were getting ready for my daughter’s wedding. I had a few Make Your Own wedding projects that I was going to work on and was hoping to share those with all of you. Then I discovered that in the busyness of getting all the wedding preparations done, I didn’t have much extra time to snap photos of everything I was working on let alone write lots of instructions about it too.

Now we’re at the time of year when I’ve noticed that the bridal shows are happening again for all the lucky girls who received engagement rings for Christmas and are starting their wedding planning. I decided I had in fact managed to take some photos of my wedding projects, and in the spirit of “better late than never” I will be doing a wedding series this week.

I’ll be writing about three projects:

Homemade Cord of Three Strands: This is what we used rather than a unity candle. We had an outdoor wedding and were concerned about the unity candles blowing out if it was a windy day. Therefore we decided to go with another option of braiding three cords together to symbolize the Man, the Woman, and God coming together to form a new union.
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God's Knot Cord of Three Strands

Homemade Wedding Jewelry. We had 9 bridesmaids and 9 groomsmen in the wedding. That was a big wedding party! We quickly discovered when looking for some matching jewelry for the girls that it was not going to be easy to find that many bracelets or earrings all in the same matching style in the stores. We made our own!
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Once you have the loop at the top, you can insert the earring wire.

Homemade Bridal Veil. My daughter just wanted a simple veil to accent the flower she had picked out to wear in her hair. We saw no reason to pay $100 for a veil when we could make a simple version ourselves for about $5.
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Here are a few more pictures from our outdoor nature themed wedding:

The talented groom made the wedding arch from tree branches found on his property.

Upcoming Instructions for Wedding Projects (Finally!)

Table centerpieces were also made from slices of wood cut by the groom from a tree branch and decorated with candles, flowers, and rocks on which we wrote the bride and groom’s names.


Rather than a traditional guestbook, we stamped scrapbooking cardstock with decorative designs and then asked the guests to write their wishes on the cards so that we could compile them into a memory book for the bride and groom.

Wedding Decorations

And the whole thing took place outdoors on a beautiful warm balmy night in July with lots lights decorating the tent.

Wedding Decorations

I hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming instructions for the wedding projects as much as I’m enjoying looking back at that special day.

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