Make A Candy Christmas Tree

Everyone knows that candy is fun for eating, but candy can be lots of fun to use for craft projects too. Candy comes in interesting shapes and sizes, often has colorful wrappers, AND as a bonus you get to eat what you don’t use. You can’t do that with leftover yarn!

Learn how to make a candy Christmas tree. This tree uses Goetze's caramels and is not only pretty but fun to give as a food gift too!

This year I got my crafting groove on by making myself a cute Christmas tree decoration using Goetze’s Caramel Creams and a styrofoam cone. This is a project that doesn’t take any special skills either and can be accomplished by simply pinning candies to the cone and adding a few embellishments. I really liked that this project created a nice sized tree too, with almost no gluing required { as me and glue don’t always get along 🙂 } The final star on the top was the only thing I glued, and that’s an optional embellishment.

Not only are these candy cone trees a pretty holiday decoration, they can do double duty as gifts too. Let the recipient know they have permission to unpin the candies from the tree any time they wish and enjoy eating them. This is another reason I like the Goetze’s caramels for this project as they have the yummy cream centers that make them more of a special candy to give for the holiday season.

So if you’re looking for a way to make your own decorative table top Christmas tree, or for a way to make your own unique food gift this year, why not give this project a try? It’s fun, quick, and simple. Just what we need around the holidays.

How to make a candy Christmas tree using caramels and a styrofoam cone

Here’s how to do it:

Styrofoam Cone Candy Christmas Tree

You Will Need:

11″ White Styrofoam Cone

Goetze’s Caramel Creams (about 100 for an 11″ tree)

Straight Pins (the type used for sewing)

Floral Picks with small balls (to cut apart and use for “ornaments”)

Wooden star (about 3″ size and painted the color of your choice)


1 – Begin by pinning the candies in layers around the styrofoam cone. I used one pin for each candy. Push the pin through the top part of the candy wrapper and then push the pin into the cone to attach the candy.  I used 18 caramels for the first layer around the bottom of the cone and then used 1 or 2 less caramels for each successive layer. I had eight layers of candies going around the cone when I reached the top, and my final round used 7 candies.

How to make a candy Christmas tree using caramels and a styrofoam cone

2 – You may also wish to cut a small piece of an extra wrapper and pin it at the top to cover any bare spot on top of the cone.

3 – I then used floral picks that had small red balls to create some ornaments for my candy tree.  I cut them apart leaving some length to the wire stems so that I could poke them into the styrofoam cone.  You can add these here and there as you wish for extra color or to cover small bare spots.

How to make a candy Christmas tree using caramels and a styrofoam cone

4 – Finally you can add a decoration to the top of your tree. I bought a wooden star at the craft store and painted it white and then gave it a topcoat of glitter paint too. I secured it to the top of the tree with just a dab of hot glue.

And that’s it! Your candy Christmas tree is ready to display or to give us a yummy gift.

How to make a candy Christmas tree

Disclosure:  I was not paid by Goetze’s to write this post, however I did receive some free candies for my crafting and snacking enjoyment.

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  1. I made these trees as gifts when I was a young girl and I used Buttersctotch discs or peppermint hard candies to go atound the styrofoam. Then added a few peices of holly or small bulbs also. They looked great too.

  2. This is something I may can make, looking for the candy now. I didn’t want to order the candy online so found several places that sell 80 ounces in a pkg, Dollar store may sell styofoam not sure if its white in color. Now to locate red floral pins, never have seen these. I am going out later in the week as its heavy rain coming down today. I look forward to reading your newsletter weekly .Looking forward to making this tree.


    1. I hope you enjoy making this Christmas tree too Linda! You should be able to find floral picks with little balls on them in various craft stores. I found the ones I used at JoAnn Fabric.