How I’m Making Good Use of My Cheap Cream Cheese

This week I was able to buy five 8 oz blocks of Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese for 25 cents each. What a bargain! I used a coupon to get $5.00 off of five selected Kraft cheese items. Cream cheese was on sale at my regular grocery store this week for $1.25 so I bought five bricks, used my $5.00 coupon, and got myself a pretty sweet deal.

packages of cream cheese

So this week I’ll be busy making my own stuff to put my plentiful supply of cream cheese to good use and I’ll be sharing the recipes. The first recipe I made is a favorite of my family. It’s a very simple way to make a delicious creamy salsa dip for tortilla chips. I’ve made this many times for family get-togethers and it always disappears quickly. Our family calls this “picante dip” because it resembles a picante dip that used to be sold at the deli of one of our local grocery stores.

Update: This recipe can now be found here – – > Two Ingredient Cream Cheese Salsa Dip

Here are the links to other cream cheese recipes in this series:
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