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January is the month when lots of us start a new year with high hopes for our bright shiny new planners and the feeling that, doggone it, this year we will be organized!

And February is the month when those planners often find themselves abandoned.  So much for the high hopes.

But this February I’m happy to report that so far my homemade planner pages in my Arc notebook are working great and seem to be just the thing that works for me. Which means for a change February is almost gone but my planner isn’t. 🙂   I think part of the secret (for me anyway) was to keep my layout very simple.  I didn’t ask too much from my planner pages – I just wanted them to be a place to keep a simple list of things to remember for any given day, in a weekly format. Mission accomplished.

Once I completed my planner pages, I decided to share them here on the blog for others that might find them helpful too. I’ve received some good feedback and it’s nice to know I could help others that were in need of the same type of thing.  But I’ve also received some requests from people looking for something just a little different and I’ve tried to help them out too where I could.

Free printable 2017 planner pages

So today I’m sharing a few new additional planner pages that I’ve added to the collection based on these reader requests.

First, I decided to set up a page on my blog that has all the links for the free printables set up in a simpler format for (hopefully) quicker printing of the particular page you are looking for.  You can find that page here:  Quick Print List for 2017 Free Printable Planner Pages.

I’ve also added the following new pages:

Free printable 2017 planner pages

Request for a “Sunday Start” page:  I prefer my planner page layout to start on Monday as that feels like the beginning of the work week to me. However I know that’s not how a traditional calendar week is laid out and I had some folks email me asking if I had any planner pages that started with Sunday.  I now have that available, in the vertical format and in the same four colors as the other layout. Here are the links:

Sunday Start – All 4 Colors
Sunday Start – Blue
Sunday Start – Pink
Sunday Start – Green
Sunday Start – Orange


Free printable 2017 planner pages

Request for a “Month on 2 pages” layout:  I did create some monthly calendars, but these were all sized to fit on just one of the half-size planner pages.  A reader emailed me asking for a monthly layout spread over two pages, so that you can see the whole month when the planner is laying open.  I now have that type of layout available too, and once again, in four colors.  Here are the links:

Month on 2 pages – All 4 Colors
Month on 2 pages – Blue
Month on 2 pages – Pink
Month on 2 pages – Green
Month on 2 pages – Orange


Free printable 2017 planner pages

A “Bare Bones” planner page:  This was not exactly a reader request, however I did have someone tell me that her husband had found my free planner pages to be a great replacement for the pricey Franklin planner pages he had been using.  I’m so glad they found a good frugal solution!  But that got me thinking that maybe men were using my pages too which {{silly me}}, I hadn’t initially thought about.  So I decided to make a planner page available that was a very “bare bones” layout that did not say anything about “meal plan” at the bottom and in fact, I decided to not even put the calendar year at the top.  These pages could then be perpetual pages you can use over and over, for any month and any year.  Here are the links:

Bare Bones – All 4 Colors
Bare Bones – Blue
Bare Bones – Pink
Bare Bones – Green
Bare Bones – Orange

And if you were not previously familiar with my planner pages, they are intentionally made without the dates of the month filled in, so you can print off your own pages and write in the calendar dates as you wish.  I like to change colors of pages with the seasons which is why I made my planner pages in four colors (blue for winter; pink for spring; green for summer; and orange for autumn). And because I am kind of a dork sometimes, I am excited to change to my pink planner pages next week for the month of March . . . spring is on the way!

How to make your own planner using the Arc notebook system

And one last note – when I initially set up my planner I was using the 24 lb paper.   I have since changed to 30 lb paper.  Of course if you are wanting to save money, you can print these pages on any paper you have available to you.  However I’m finding that I really do like the extra weight of the heavier paper and I’m glad I finally decided to pay that bit of extra money for the thicker paper.  I just wish I could buy it in smaller quantities.  I could only find the 30 lb paper in a ream (which is 500 sheets) so I will certainly have enough paper to make lots of planners for lots of years to come!

If there are any other requests for planner pages, I am always open to suggestions.  You can leave me a comment or email me at [email protected] and I will see if I can help!


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    1. No, sorry Stephanie, right now I only have a weekly pages. I will ad a daily page to my list of possible designs to add to the group!

  1. A notes page? Where I could type in whatever (quotes, inspirations), but all set up with the borders?