Make Your Own – Grocery Cart Sculpture ???

For the most part I keep my blog posts pretty informational here at the Make Your Own Zone. That’s just my style. I’m not really in the habit of sharing too many of my random musings. Today, however, I’m breaking from tradition and it all started because of what I saw while out on my lunch hour. Here’s what was sitting by the bus stop I drove past:

grocery cart 1

Oh, hahaha. Look what they did to the grocery carts! I thought it was so funny I took a picture.

And then I started thinking. It must have been kids. They must have been bored.

And then I thought . . . if that was me at the bus stop, would I have done anything like that? No, I would have been helpful and pushed them all back to the cart corral where they belonged. Must keep things clean and tidy!

When did I lose that playfulness? When did I become all work and no play?

The more I thought about it, the more I began to appreciate the little burst of creativity those stacked up grocery carts represented. And then I got a little sad too, because so often those moments happen when you have the luxury of time. Like just waiting for the bus. Like I just never seem to have. Those stacked up grocery carts appeared at the end of a pretty busy week for me.

I think they were a sign. Slow down! Smell the roses! Stack up those grocery carts!

That random tower of grocery carts was an important reminder for me today. Play is good. Play is important. I don’t ever want to lose touch with my creative inner child. And that’s why I’m an advocate of Making Your Own stuff. It’s a pretty simple way to nurture the creativity that so often gets brushed aside in the midst of all the things you “have” to do.

grocery cart 2

I wish for all of you the wonderful blessings of a creative life!

Disclaimer: No grocery carts were harmed during the making of the sculpture . . . I hope

Disclaimer #2: These thoughts are simply my observations and not a directive. If you choose to stack grocery carts, do so at your own risk, and make sure management isn’t watching.

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