Hide Those Grays – The Thrifty Way!

One of those pesky facts of life is that as you age, you will have to deal with gray hair. When I was younger I was sure it would be no big deal. I would go gracefully into the gray hair stage of life with no whining. Yes, I would be different than all those women who weren’t facing reality and colored their hair. Or so I thought.

Now that the gray hairs have started to sprout up, I’ve come to realize that there’s a frustrating “between” stage to going gray. It’s a kinda, sorta, popping up here and there, messing up how I used to look, type of gray. *sigh* It’s not as graceful of a process as I imagined it would be. I’m finding it’s nice to have a few tricks up your sleeve to help the whole process along.

A brunette friend of mind recently shared her thrifty trick for covering up stray gray hairs and hiding gray roots. She simply uses a brown eye shadow close to her hair color and a fat makeup brush! Using the brush, she dabs a little bit of the eye shadow onto the area of her hair she wants to cover up. She shares that it does a great job of taking the “shine” off the gray hairs and helps the gray roots blend in. It’s cheap, easy, and helps stretch out the time between other hair coloring solutions.

And although it’s probably easiest for brunettes to find an eyeshadow that’s close to their hair color, this might be possible for blonds and redheads too. All you would need is to find a powder close to your natural hair color to help the grays blend in.

Remember, the Make Your Own lifestyle needn’t take all kinds of time and effort. There are plenty of semi-homemade solutions like this that creatively use a product in a new way to solve a problem or to save money. (A couple more examples are using rubbing alcohol as deodorant or using a denture tablet as a jewelry cleaner.)

And apparently there are a few brunettes out there who are trying to cover their grays with cocoa powder, however it sounds like it’s not a very effective method. The eye shadow solution sounds better to me!

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