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Have you discovered Hometalk yet?  It’s a fun site where I’ve been sharing my blog posts on home-related topics, and at the same time finding all kinds of excellent ideas from others on everything from gardening to decorating to cleaning to home repair.

If you like Pinterest, I know you’ll love Hometalk too!

I’ve started a clipboard there on one of my favorite subjects – making homemade cleaners from everyday grocery items –  and I’d love for you to check it out and follow along:

= = > > Clever Cleaners From Everyday Grocery Items

Clever Cleaners from Grocery Items

You’ll find info there on cleaning your iron, cleaning brass, cleaning granite, killing fruit flies and ants, and even cleaning your toilet with Kool-Aid!

So if you haven’t checked out Hometalk yet, head on over and give it a try.  You’ll find all kinds of cool ideas and inspiration.


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  1. Hi Bev
    Just wondering if you have a formula for cleaning a stain off a carpet? Moved a dresser and there is a black line on the carpet, around the bottom of dresser.

    1. I’ll confess that for most carpet stains I rely on a store bought cleaner called Spot Shot. It’s always worked well for me and I so I haven’t experimented too much yet with homemade alternatives.