Can You Make Your Own Powdered Sugar?



Have you come across this recipe too?  And maybe like me, you’ve been tempted to give it a try?

The recipe goes something like this:

To make your own powdered sugar combine 1 cup of granulated sugar and a tablespoon of cornstarch in a food processor and mix until powdery.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?  Easy peasy powdered sugar whenever you need it.

Too bad it doesn’t really turn out like powdered sugar.

Homemade Powdered Sugar


Yes, I gave in to temptation and gave it a try this week.   After all, I finally had success making my own homemade brown sugar.  Why not make my own powdered sugar too?

What I found out was that this might be a good trick to have up your sleeve if you’re ever in a pinch and you need to improvise with what you’ve got in the cupboard.  But the finished result doesn’t look or feel much like powdered sugar even after I added a bit more cornstarch and whipped the dickens out of it in my food processor.


Homemade Powdered Sugar

What you end up with is more like a superfine sugar that still more closely resembles granulated sugar than powdered sugar.

I don’t use powdered sugar very often.  In fact about the only time I use it is when I mix it with a little milk to make a quick frosting glaze for cookies or cakes.  So – I made up a little batch of frosting glaze with this homemade powdered sugar to see how it worked.

And it didn’t really work.  The glaze was grainy.  The homemade version just wasn’t a powdery enough powdered sugar.

My advice?  I think we better stick with the store bought version on this one.


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  1. The only real way to make powdered sugar is with a crap ton of elbow grease. I made it during the “quarantine” with a mortar and pestle. Works good if you have a tv show or a movie you want to watch. It works well. And a workout for your arms and legs, legs holding the bowl. Think of it as the workout before the indulgence. Lol

  2. I was SO hopeful you were going to have a “recipe” – or at least a “how to”.
    It took me back 36 years or so to when my cooking buddy and I tried to make icing sugar (for icing of course) from “regular” sugar, while on vacation with 20 others, in Greece.(It was a Top Deck tour – of Europe on a double decker bus.)
    He was an engineer which probably guided his method – even though it was not particularly successful (like your attempt). The cooking facilities on the bus were very primitive – and did not include a food processor. So we attempted to ‘crush’ the regular sugar by using a rolling pin.
    It was only successful enough to make us think that we should have kept on with the rolling pin for a while more. (Probably a long while!)
    I don’t think we had any cornstarch either.

  3. Good to know. How many times have I gone to make frosting and realized I was out. I have learned to plan better and keep a package on hand the month before the birthday.