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I’ve been making homemade cleaners for several years now and have been pretty content with my six favorite homemade spray cleaner recipes. In fact I really didn’t think there was much more I could learn about homemade cleaners. But guess what? There’s a new favorite in town and I’m kind of surprised it took me this long to discover it!

This new discovery for me is Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner, which has been around for a long time { just not in my cupboard 🙂 }. In the past I always let the fact that I had to make a special trip to the health food store to purchase it stop me, and I let the price of a bottle of Sal Suds stop me too. But now that I finally relented and bought a bottle of Sal Suds, I’m so glad I did. I now understand how concentrated it is, how versatile it is, and how well it works. I’ve decided it truly is a good value and you will indeed get the bang for your buck that your cheapskate heart is hoping for.

Homemade Sal Suds Spray Cleaner

Learning About Sal Suds

If you are not familiar with Sal Suds, it’s a product in the Dr. Bronner’s line of soaps and cleaners. Their website states that Sal Suds is “not a soap but instead is a concentrated hard-surface all-purpose cleaner“. It also goes on to say that it’s “Perfect for general household cleaning [and] it cleans and rinses with exceptional power, yet it is mild and gentle on the skin“. This cleaner has been popular for a long time with those looking for natural cleaning alternatives too as it biodegrades rapidly, is made from plant-based surfactants, and uses natural fir needles and spruce essential oils to give it a subtle pine scent.

In fact it’s that subtle pine scent that inspires people to say they are making their own Pine Sol when they use Sal Suds, but a friendlier and less toxic version.

So How Much Does Sal Suds Cost?

As mentioned earlier, I let the price of a bottle of Sal Suds stop me for a long time because I didn’t understand how concentrated this cleaner is. However Sal Suds is always diluted for cleaning and it doesn’t take much at all to do the job.

Before we start the math, here’s the dilution I’m using for my homemade spray cleaner:

1 teaspoon of Sal Suds per each cup of water

One teaspoon is not much at all and yet that’s all it takes!

Instructions for how to dilute sal suds to make a spray cleaner

The price of Sal Suds will of course vary depending on where you purchase it. Most 16 oz bottles will cost you somewhere between $8 and $12 for a bottle, although it may cost a little more if you need to buy it online and have it shipped to you. For the sake of the math, let’s make it easy and say we pay $10 for a 16 oz bottle. There are 96 teaspoons in a 16 oz bottle. This means it’s costing us about 10 cents per teaspoon.

So if we are using 2 teaspoons in our 16 oz spray cleaner recipe, we’ve made a homemade cleaner for 20 cents!

So be sure to keep this in mind when purchasing your Sal Suds. It may seem like it’s a pricey product, but you will only use little bits of it at a time. The dilution rate is pretty low and your bottle will last you a long time.

My All-Purpose Sal Suds Spray Cleaner Recipe

I’m still getting myself familiar with this product but so far I’ve been very happy with it. I’ve got a bunch of ways I want to try using it (dishes, laundry, mopping, etc.) and I’ll be doing a follow up post with some more recipes and ideas in the near future.

In the meantime, this Sal Suds spray cleaner recipe is a great way to get started using it. It’s truly an all purpose cleaner that can be used on any hard surface that can get wet. Even glass. Yes, you heard me. I could hardly believe it either, but it did a great job when I used it to clean one of my windows.

It’s done a fantastic job on my counters, on my sinks, on my painted cupboard doors, on my smooth stovetop, and every other place I’ve tried. it. It rinses/wipes away easily and leaves surfaces feeling clean and smooth. And my recipe is a super simple 2 ingredient mixture anyone can make too. All I do is combine 2 teaspoons of Sal Suds with 2 cups of water in my 16 oz spray bottle. That’s it!

homemade sal suds cleaning spray recipe

I Think This One’s A Keeper!

Now that I’ve done a little experimenting with Sal Suds, I feel pretty confident saying that I’ll be making this Sal Suds Spray Cleaner on a regular basis. That’s why I decided to get myself a nice glass spray bottle for it too. I bought this 3 pack of colored glass spray bottles that came in light amber, blue, and green. Then I made myself a handy little label too. And then I thought maybe you guys would like a label option too, so here’s a printable pdf with some label choices. I tend to prefer the horizontal labels because I can then easily cover the paper lables with my clear box sealing tape that’s about 2″ wide and this protects the label from getting wet.

Printable pdf here – – > Sal Suds Spray Cleaner Labels

printable labels for sal suds spray cleaner recipe

If you’re looking to make a homemade cleaner that’s truly versatile, this is the one to try. You’ll be able to use it all over the house on all sorts of hard surfaces, it’s natural with no strong fumes, and it will only cost you about 20 cents per batch. I think you’ll agree that this recipe is a keeper too!

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Sal Suds All-Purpose Spray Cleaner

This homemade cleaner is powerful, yet natural, and can be used on all hard surfaces that can get wet. It will soon become your new favorite cleaner!
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Author: Beverly


  • 2 teaspoons Sal Suds Liquid Cleaner
  • 2 cups Water


  • Place the two cups of water in a spray bottle of at least a 16 oz size.
  • Add in the 2 teaspoons of Sal Suds.
  • Put the top on the spray bottle and then gently tip the bottle back and forth to mix the ingredients.
  • To Use: Spray the cleaner on any hard surface that is safe to get wet, and then rinse or wipe dry with a cloth.

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  1. I have been reading bout your cleaners and I really like them but the only thing I want to add is the water you use should be distilled water. It won’t leave added hard water spots behind. happy days.

    1. Yes, I also use distilled water in some of my cleaners, mostly my homemade cleaners for floors or ones I think I might not use up quite as quickly.

  2. This SOUNDS Great ❗️And I DO LOVE ❤️ Essential Oils BUT IS THERE a Recipe where you’re NOT having to rinse it? FOR this I Might As Well Just Get A Sink of Dishwasher And Wash The Counters . Is There A Steak Free Non rinse RECIPE that You know of? The You 👍🏼♥️and G-d♥️Bless

    1. My Sal Suds cleaning spray just needs to be sprayed on and wiped off with no rinsing. I have found it to be a very streak-free cleaner.

  3. There is also a hand dishwashing detergent recipe online using Sal Suds that I’ve tried and it is amazing. I will definitely try this cleaner too now that I have the Sal Suds. Thanks!

  4. I have made my own all purpose cleaner with sal suds for years. I add peppermint essential oil for my own amusement. My large sal suds bottle has lasted for well over 5 years so far.

      1. WOW 😳 THATS AWESOME IT LASTS that Long , the SAL suds❗️Thank You For sharing 😊👍🏼♥️G-d♥️Bless

  5. I am excited to hear more about your testing of SalSuds. I bought a bottle several months ago at the suggestion of another blogger, but didn’t like the “recipe” of cleaner she recommended. So the mostly unused bottle has been sitting in my cabinet until now. Going to mix up the cleaner per your instructions and clean my house.