Sal Suds Dilution Sheet & Cleaning Recipes


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The more I use Sal Suds, the more I learn that it can be used pretty much anywhere you need to do cleaning. Just like it says on the Sal Suds bottle, it can be used on both hard and soft surfaces – anything that can get wet! If the only cleaning supply you had in your house was a bottle of Sal Suds, you would still be able to get the whole house in clean tip-top shape.

A few months ago I started giving Sal Suds a try and began by making my own Sal Suds All Purpose Cleaning Spray. It’s been a great homemade cleaner and I was especially pumped when it did a fantastic job cleaning windows too. I use it all the time now and I’m really not exaggerating when I say I love it. ❤️

The successful performance of the Sal Suds cleaning spray led me to keep looking for more ways to dilute Sal Suds and clean with it. I started wondering . . . Can you use Sal Suds to wash clothes? Can you mix Sal Suds with vinegar in a cleaning spray? Can you use Sal Suds in a foaming soap dispenser? I started experimenting in all these different places and guess what? You can use Sal Suds in all these ways!

Bottles of cleaners made with Sal Suds

How Do You Dilute Sal Suds?

Because Sal Suds is a concentrated cleaner, the first step in using it is figuring out how you want to dilute it. It’s a cleaner that will bubble and suds and you don’t need too much of it for it to be effective. For several things, I like my basic dilution of 1 teaspoon of Sal Suds per each cup of water.

But I also found myself creating some other recipes for more ways to use and dilute my Sal Suds and that’s what I’m sharing here today. I decided to make my own Sal Suds Dilution and Cleaning Recipes sheet too as a handy way to have all my recipes in one place. Here ‘s a list of the recipes I came up with:

  • Sal Suds All Purpose Spray Recipe
  • Sal Suds Disinfecting Spray Recipe
  • Sal Suds Foaming Dish Soap Recipe
  • Sal Suds Foaming Hand Soap Recipe
  • Sal Suds Soft Scrub Recipe
  • Sal Suds Laundry Recipe
  • Sal Suds Laundry Stain Pretreat
  • Sal Suds Bucket-size Dilution
  • Sal Suds Dilution Refill #1
  • Sal Suds Dilution Refill #2
Homemade cleaners made with sal suds

There’s nothing complicated about these recipes and in some ways they are all variations on a theme. For the most part you combine Sal Suds with water but a few of the recipes have some extra additions.

For instance the foaming hand soap adds a little glycerin to soften the mixture a bit. The disinfecting spray adds some vinegar and tea tree oil for an antibacterial boost. And I’m especially liking my homemade soft scrub that adds baking soda with a bit of Sal Suds and water. It works great on my stainless steel sink!

Two Options for Printing the Sal Suds Recipes

If you would like to try any of these Sal Suds cleaning recipes too, I’ve got a couple of options for printing them.

First, I put together a free printable pdf that has all the recipes together on one page that includes a bit more explanation for each one. This is the Sal Suds dilution cheat sheet that I’m using for myself. Use the link below for that printable 👇🏻

Free Printable Sal Suds Dilution and Cleaning Recipes

Dilution cheat sheet for sal suds cleaner

For those that like using the printable recipe module, I made that available at the end of this post too. This also gives you a way to see the recipes as part of this post.

As time goes by, I’ll probably think of even more ways to use my Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner. For instance, I have not yet tried Sal Suds on carpets or rugs. But for now, this is a nice assortment of recipes that covers most of my cleaning jobs, including laundry.

If there’s a bottle of Sal Suds in the house, you’ll be able to get everything clean!

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Sal Suds Dilutions and Cleaning Recipes

Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner is a great multi-purpose cleaner that can be used on all kinds of surfaces (anything that can get wet!) However it's a concentrated cleaner that needs to be diluted with water first for most cleaning purposes. Here are 10 ways you can dilute your Sal Suds for a variety of cleaning chores.
Author: Beverly


  • Basic Spray Bottle Dilution:
    1 tsp Sal Suds for each cup of water
    Combine and use in a spray bottle
  • Sal Suds Disinfecting Spray
    1 Tbl Sal Suds + 1-3/4 cups Water + 1/4 cup Vinegar + 12 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil
    Combine and use in a spray bottle
  • Sal Suds Foaming Dish Soap
    1 tsp Sal Suds + 1 cup water + 8 drops lemon essential oil
    Combine and use in a foaming soap dispenser
  • Sal Suds Foaming Hand Soap
    1 tsp Sal Suds + 1 cup water + 1 tsp glycerin + 8 drops essential oil (optional)
    Combine and use in a foaming soap dispenser
  • Sal Suds Soft Scrub
    1/2 cup baking soda + 1 Tbl Sal Suds + 1 Tbl Water
  • Laundry Make-Ahead Dilution
    1 cup Sal Suds + 4 cups water
    Use 1/2 cup per load for regular washing machines or 1/4 cup per load for HE machines.
    (You can also use 2 Tbl of undiluted Sal Suds per load of wash or 1 Tbl undiluted Sal Suds per load for HE machines.)
  • Laundry Stain Pretreat
    Apply undiluted Sal Suds directly to stain (use about 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon) Let set for about 30 minutes and then wash. Another option is to treat the stain with a few squirts of the basic spray bottle dilution.
  • Floors, Walls, and Cars
    Combine a squirt of Sal Suds (about 2 or 3 tsp) with water in a 3 gallon bucket.
  • Large Batch Dilution #1
    2 Tbl Sal Suds + 6 cups water
    This is the 1 tsp Sal Suds/1 cup water dilution ratio that you can make ahead to refill your spray bottles or foaming soap dispensers. This size batch fits well in a 2 quart container.
  • Large Batch Dilution #2
    1/4 cup Sal Suds + 12 cups water
    This is another make ahead dilution at the 1 tsp Sal Suds/1 cup water dilution that fits in a gallon container.

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  1. Hi! Great information!

    What about making dish soap without a foaming dispenser?

    I use an old cute glass oil/vinegar bottle for my dish soap that we just pour out what’s needed.

    1. Yes, that’s also a good way you can use Sal Suds! Just keep some Sal Suds in a bottle by the sink and pour a bit in a sink of water when it’s time to wash dishes.

    1. I don’t have any pets, so I’ve not had an opportunity to use it this way. However the unscented (Baby) castile soap is always a good choice for bathing pets too.

    2. Dr Bronners’ who makes sal-suds has castile soap which they demonstrate in a video being used for dog bathing, I use usually the peppermint, best way to do it on a large dog (a black lab is shown in the video) is get one of those garden sprayer nozzles that you attach to a hose and fill it’s container with liquid, it dispenses the liquid, in this case the castile soap as it sprays, I got mine on Amazon for about $19 works great on St Bernards.
      Dr Bronners castile soap rinses easily and well out of the dogs’ coat

  2. Hello – any suggestions on window cleaning with sal suds? I’m just looking for a soap:water ratio to replace what I have been using (Branch Basics). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. I use my all purpose spray made with Sal Suds on my windows too with good results. That dilution is 1 tsp Sal Suds to each cup of water. So for instance if you would want to make that dilution in a gallon bucket you would do 1 gallon water (equal to 16 cups) with 1/3 cup of Sal Suds (equal to 16 teaspoons).

  3. Bev, thank you so much for all these great ideas. I guess I will soon be buying Sal Suds myself! I also appreciate the printables. Thanks for helping to make our lives easier.

    1. Once you buy Sal Suds, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how multi-purpose and useful it will be!

  4. Thank you for sharing all your insights and recipes with total strangers. I really appreciate your generosity and use many of the recipes you share.

      1. I love Sal Suds — but need a formulation for heavy “lime-scale” for our VERY hard water. Our water forms a crust around sink fixtures, as a “bath-tub ring” of scale in the toilet, around the tips of water dispensers and more. I have used “cleaning vinegar” (stronger than regular distilled vinegar, but hard to find) and it helps. How much cleaning vinegar, and how much regular vinegar would I need to mix with sal suds to work on limescale? Thanks!

        1. I do know that you can’t mix vinegar and a liquid soap (like Sal Suds) together directly as the mixture turns very cloudy and lumpy. So my thought was you could perhaps first mix 1 tsp of Sal Suds in a 1/2 cup of water. Then add in 1-1/2 cups of vinegar. This would give you a spray cleaner that is mostly vinegar but has a bit of soapy water mixed in too.