Quick Halloween Pumpkin Face Glasses

jack-o-lantern pumpkin face drinking glass decorations

I love being resourceful.  I’ve probably said it before but that’s because it’s my favorite thing about the Make Your Own lifestyle.  I love that satisfying feeling of using something that was already laying around in a new, useful, frugal, or just plain fun way.

Today’s project is one of those fun resourceful little tricks that’s right up my alley.  It uses two items that I always have around and combines them for some quick and festive Halloween fun.

All it takes is some black electrical tape and some wine glasses (or other drinking glasses).

After a little cutting and snipping – and a little inspiration from my creative inner child – I had these four cute glasses that cost me nothing but a few minutes of my time.

Here’s how to do it:

Quick Halloween Pumpkin Face Glasses

You Will Need:

  • Black Electrical Tape
  • Wine Glasses or Other Clear Drinking Glasses
  • Scissors

jack-o-lantern pumpkin face drinking glass decorations

To make the pumpkin jack-o-lantern faces you will need to cut small shapes from pieces of black electrical tape.  You can keep it easy with simple shapes or do something a little more detailed with more cuts and zig-zags.  You could also sketch something on paper first.

Just remember you will still need to cut the shapes out freehand so don’t stress yourself out and just have fun with it.  One of the faces I made simply uses a circle for the mouth and two triangles for the eyes.

jack-o-lantern pumpkin face drinking glass decorations

I used wine glasses for this project because they have a rounder shape for the pumpkin faces.  However you can do this with any clear drinking glass, for instance using a small juice glass if you want to do this with children and don’t want them messing with your good wine glasses.

Stick your shapes onto the glasses to make your jack-o-lantern face.  You only need to stick them on lightly, and they’re easy to peel off and re-adjust as needed.  Also, try not to place the shapes too high on the glass so that you don’t have to fill the glass to the tippy-top with the beverage to get the final effect.

Once you have your jack-o-lantern faces stuck onto the glasses to your satisfaction, you can fill them with the beverage of your choice, but of course something that’s orange colored will give you more of a pumpkin look.  Some ideas are:

~~ I used Sunkist orange soda for the glasses pictured here

~~ If you’re doing this with smaller drinking glasses for children, you could use an orange colored fruit juice blend or orange kool-aid

~~ Cider is also a nice seasonal choice

~~ You can make a fancy orange cocktail like this Jack-O-Lantern Cocktail Recipe

~~ Or don’t worry about the color and just commence to filling those wine glasses with a nice chilled White Zinfandel!


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