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If you like writing things down to keep yourself organized but don’t like paying the big price for a fancy planner, I’ve got an idea for you. Why not make your own planner? I’ll even help get you started with some free printable planner pages too!

The upcoming year 2023 will be the seventh year now that I’ve been making my own printable planner pages. I’ve also been sharing them here as free printable planner pdfs because I know lots of you are looking for a way to print your own planner pages too and it makes me happy to be able to help.

Free printable planner pages for Arc Notebooks

How To Make Your Own Planner

When it’s time to put together my own planner, I always rely on my Arc disc bound notebook and I prefer the half size (junior size). Of course you could also use a 3-ring binder if that’s what you have on hand. These type of notebooks make it simple to take any pages in or out of your DIY planner during the year if you want to make changes.

Here’s a quick look at the supplies I like to use:

I use an 8 Disc Notebook (mine was the Arc brand)
I like to print my pages on the heavier 32 Lb paper
I use my paper trimmer to neatly cut my pages in half so they fit the junior size notebook
I then punch my pages using my portable size Arc punch
(Note: this small punch is not always available – you can also try the larger Arc Punch or the Levenger Punch)

The layout that’s my favorite and that I use pretty exclusively now is the “Weekly Focus” layout. This planner page is spread over two pages with one page for writing in items specific to any given day of that week, and another page with four large empty boxes for capturing random thoughts for different areas of your life. I label my boxes Blog, Home, Healthy Eating, and Errands, but you can label yours with whatever is needed for your life using the fillable field on the free pdf. If you can relate to the feeling of having lots of random thoughts during a week that you’re hoping to remember, then this layout might be the answer for you too!

supplies to make your own planner

A Few Quick Planner Page Details

Browsing the list of printable planner pdf’s I have available below might also help you decide which size or style would work best for you. Here are a few of the planner page details to keep in mind as you browse the list:

free printable planner pages in 3 sizes

Printable Planner Page Sizes: As in previous years, you’ll find three sizes of free printable planner pages (however not every style is available in every size).

Full Size (8.5”x11”),
Half Size (5.5”x8.5” after cutting), and
Compact Size (4.25”x5.5” after cutting)

Cutting free printable planner pages to fit in an Arc junior notebook

Cutting the Smaller Pages: As mentioned above, the half size and compact size are printed on a full sheet of paper and then cut to size as follows:

Half Size: The pages are printed in landscape mode, cut down the middle, and then punched at the outer edges (which then become the new inner edges).

Compact size: These pages are printed in portrait mode and then cut in half both vertically and horizontally.

free printable planner page for students in a disc bound notebook

Available Page Layouts: You’ll find several different layouts to choose from below. A few highlights are:

Weekly page layouts in vertical or horizontal styles
Weekly Focus page with blank squares for capturing thoughts for the week
Monday start layouts or Sunday start layouts
Monthly page layouts
Daily planning Page
Cover page and Year-at-a-Glance
Several undated extra pages (shopping list, meal plan, etc.)

Also new this year is a “Student” layout that’s over 2 pages and has vertical columns with a Monday start week on one side, and a Notes page on the other side. There’s also a yearly school year calendar over two pages that goes from July 2022 to August 2023. These are currently only available in the half size.

Just one color option: In previous years I often made the free planner pages available in a couple of different colors, but this year I kept things a bit more simple and there is just one color available:

A basic, sturdy, all-purpose olive green that works for either guys or gals, or for business, home or school.

A reminder about printing: The links in the list below will open up a pdf for that style of page. Please keep the following in mind when printing:

When printing the pdf’s be sure to select “Actual Size” or “100%” in your pdf program so that no extra white space is added around the edges. For the half size sheets, you will also have to select the “Landscape” orientation.

The Free Printable Planner Page List for 2023

Here now is the complete list of the free printable planner pages for 2023. When you click on any link, it will open a pdf of that planner page that you can download and print. Enjoy browsing the list and have fun making your own planners!

free printable planner page in a disc bound notebook

Vertical Weekly Planner Page Options:

The vertical weekly options are designed with columns that are perfect for writing lists. The small boxes at the top of the columns are for writing in the dates for each week.

Vertical Monday Start – Half Size
Vertical Sunday Start – Half Size

Vertical Weekly Focus – Monday Start – Half Size
Vertical Weekly Focus – Sunday Start – Half Size

Vertical Student Layout – Monday start – Half SizeNEW!

Vertical Monday Start – Full Size
Vertical Sunday Start – Full Size

2023 free planner pages in a disc bound notebook

Horizontal Weekly Planner Page Options:

The horizontal layout is a nice choice if you like to write longer sentences of text in your planner as opposed to a list format.

Horizontal Monday  Start – Half Size
Horizontal Sunday Start – Half Size

Horizontal Monday Start -Full Size
Horizontal Sunday Start – Full Size

Horizontal Monday Start – Compact

free printable daily planner page

Daily Planner Page Option:

If you like to plan just one day at a time, you might find this daily planning page layout to be helpful.

Daily Plans – Half Size
Daily Plans – Full Size

free monthly planner pages

Monthly Planning Page Options:

In addition to planning your day or your week, it can be helpful to see an entire month at a time as well. Here are a few monthly options to consider:
(You can also click here for my Free Printable Monthly Divider Tabs)

Blank month over 2 pages – Half Size
Blank month & Notes page – Compact Size

12 months of the year – Full Size
12 months of the year – Half Size

(Note the 12 month half size option looks like it is in some crazy random order, but this allows you to also print them back-to-back).

free printable planner pages

Cover Page and Year-at-a-Glance

Here are a couple of options that can be handy at the beginning of your planner:

Cover page & 2023 year – Half Size
Cover page & 2023 year – Full Size

2023 Year-at-a-Glance over 2 pgs – Half Size
Student Year-at-a-Glance  (Jul 2022 to Aug 2023) – Half SizeNEW!

Free printable pages for Arc notebooks and other disc bound planners

Helpful Extra Pages for your DIY Planners

Here also are some additional free printable pages that are helpful to have in your disc bound notebook planners too. Unless otherwise noted, these are half size (junior) pages

Notes Page
To-Do List
Shopping List
Address Page
Meal Plan – Sunday Start Week
Meal Plan – Monday Start Week
Class Assignment Chart
Class Assignment Chart – Compact Size
Arc Copycat Weekly Layout

More Helpful DIY Planner Info

Accessories for DIY planners

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  1. Hi Bev. Thank you so much for a such comprehensive guide on how to make planners yourself. I couldn’t find a planner I want for a long time, ‘coz I’m living in a small town and there are no big shops. I didn’t know that I can do it myself actually until I found your website. Keep going!

  2. Thank you for the printables and for sharing your experiences of what works and what hasn’t. I like the soft olive green color as well. I can’t seem to find the weekly focus page in the olive green though. You mention it in the blog but I’m not finding a link. Where am I missing it? Thanks.

    1. The link for the weekly focus page in the olive green for 2023 is in the first set of links which are the “Vertical Weekly Planner Page Options”. It is currently only available for the half size (junior) planners. You can choose from either a Sunday start week layout or a Monday start.

  3. Hii
    I am so glad that I finally found this printable templates for planners.
    Its very good and thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Sorry you are having a problem getting the olive color to print. The way colors come out on different printers can vary quite a bit.

  4. Thanks so much for offering all these planner pages for free!! (Not to mention all of the great tips!) Again, thank you! 🙂

  5. Hola from New Mexico! Thank you so very much Bev – these are exactly what I need! You are so kind to share and may you have a blessed day 🙂

  6. Thank you so much! I am so glad to have found your planner pages… I too dislike trying to cut a page to fit the HP…. and waste so much paper…..even though I really like the disc bound system.
    I used the half-page or junior size in ring bound planners for years… I like that size the best but the rings in binders are cumbersome.
    Your pages are so functional….. Thank you for sharing with us!

    1. I very much like the half size planners too, and I’ve also found that the disc bound systems seem to be lighter weight than ring binders.

  7. Hi Bev
    Greeting from Canada.
    Thank you so much! I love your planner style..simple and functional.
    Have a wonderful day.