DIY For Dummies {Favorites Edition}

Homemade doesn’t have to be complicated. I’ve said that many times around here. And every summer I like to celebrate that fact too with my annual DIY For Dummies list – a gathering of some of my previous ideas that you can make with just two ingredients.  Yes, if you can put just a couple things together, then you can do it!

Each year as I get ready to compile a new list, I usually begin by looking through the lists from years past.  As I was browsing the lists this year, a few of the entries jumped out at me as things that I’ve found very useful over the years, and that I’ve used many, many times. And that’s when I decided to create this Favorites Edition!

So here are 10 of the things that I have found very simple to do, and are favorite quick solutions at our house that have come in handy on many occasions. Perhaps you’ll find something on the list that will become a favorite for you too!

1 – Garlic Powder + Salt = Quick DIY Garlic Salt
There have been lots and and lots of times that I’ve refilled my bottle of garlic salt using this little trick

homemade garlic salt

2 – Mayonnaise + Pickle Relish = Homemade Tartar Sauce
We love this quick and easy way to stir up tiny batches of tartar sauce when we want a little bit.

3 – Baking Soda + Wet Soapy Towel = DIY Smooth Stovetop Cleaner
I’ve always liked that once I have this soaking on the stovetop, I can clean the rest of the kitchen, and then come back and finish it up.  Plus, it works great!

How to clean a smooth stovetop the frugal way

4 – Dish Soap + Water = Foaming Dish Soap
I prefer to use the foaming dish soaps and this DIY trick has saved us lots of money!

How to stretch your liquid dish soap and save money - learn how to make your own foaming dish soap

5 – Water + Lemon Juice = Homemade Way To Keep Apple Slices Fresh
My go-to way to keep pre-cut apple slices from turning brown so I can make my own little snack bags.

6 – Dish Soap + Hydrogen Peroxide = Homemade Stain Remover
I’ve saved the day several times with this mixture

homemade stain remover

7 – Baking Soda + Olive Oil = Homemade Goo Gone
I’ve used this DIY mixture so many times to clean the label gunk off glass jars that I want to recycle.

Recipe for homemade Goo Gone using easy items you already have in the kitchen

8 – Water + Glue = Homemade Mod Podge
I haven’t bought the store bought mod podge since I learned this homemade method.  And because I like to make my own tile coasters, it’s come in very handy!

Homemade Mod Podgge

9 – Birdseed + Melted Lard = Homemade Birdseed Cakes
A super quick way to make birdseed cakes that I often fall back on when I don’t have time to do anything fancier.

How to make homemade birdseed cakes using the You Do It Suet mold

10 – Ziploc Bag + Corn Syrup = Homemade Ice Pack
This isn’t something that I “make” all the time, BUT – I always keep a pre-made one in the freezer and it sure is nice to have one all ready to go if you need it, especially for some kind of surprise injury.  It always stays flexible too, no matter how long it’s been in the freezer.

How to make a homemade ice pack using corn syrup

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