Homemade Daily Shower Cleaner Spray


One of the clever bathroom cleaning products that I’ve really grown to like over the years are the daily shower cleaner sprays.  After you shower you simply mist some of the spray around on the shower walls and it helps to keep your shower cleaner with less mold or mineral buildup in between more thorough cleanings.

I started out with the name brands like Tilex. . .

then used the store brand . . .

then bought the dollar store stuff . . .

and now – I finally know how to make my own!

How to make a homemade daily shower cleaner spray

My homemade daily shower cleaner spray is actually doing an even better job than the store bought stuff was and that’s because the homemade version includes a dishwasher rinse aid product in the recipe.  This has done an awesome job of  leaving the shower surfaces cleaner and smoother after a shower.

When it’s cleaning day, I just give my shower tile a little squirt of my favorite homemade all purpose cleaner and it looks great with just a quick wipe.  No heavy duty scrubbing is needed because the daily spray keeps things from getting too bad during the week.

In one of my previous posts about how to clean a shower head I shared that I also have some annoying glass block windows in one of my showers. Those glass block windows get covered in water spots – and they are soooo hard to clean off.   I was super happy when I discovered that vinegar worked really great on the water spots.

But guess what?

This homemade daily shower cleaner spray keeps the water spots from ever forming on the glass windows in the first place!  Oh happy day! Those windows finally look cleaner than they ever have before.  I’m sure it’s the rinse aid in the mix that’s working the magic.

If you’re a person that likes to use the daily shower sprays, I think you’ll really love this shower cleaner recipe too.

I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the store bought stuff again.  It really is that good.

My recipe makes a 32 oz batch, which is the same size as the commercial brands of daily shower cleaner sprays that are being sold.  Just save the bottle from a store bought brand once you’ve used it up, and simply refill it with your own homemade version.


How to make a homemade daily shower cleaner spray



  • 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide

  • 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol

  • 1 teaspoon liquid dish soap

  • 1 tablespoon dishwasher rinse aid (like Jet Dry or Finish)

  • 3 cups water

Pour the peroxide, rubbing alcohol, dish soap and rinse aid into a spray bottle of at least a 32 oz size.  Slowly add the 3 cups of water.  A funnel really comes in handy for getting these liquid ingredients in your bottle without making a mess.

Put the top back on the spray bottle and then slowly tip the bottle back and forth to mix the ingredients.

If you are re-using a 32 oz bottle from a store bought daily shower cleaner spray, you can probably not even measure the water.  Once you’ve added the first four ingredients, just add water to fill the bottle.

To use:  After showering, mist the spray on the walls of the shower and you’re done.  There’s no need to wipe.

One final note:  Hydrogen peroxide can slowly break down in the light.  That’s why hydrogen peroxide is always sold in those dark brown bottles.  If possible, keep this mixture in a cupboard or some other place where it will be dark to keep the hydrogen peroxide at optimum performance.

A couple other ideas are to use a dark bottle, or to just add a little more peroxide from time to time.


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  1. Mary says

    Thanks for sharing. I did not think of using Hydrogen peroxide. I have a similar mixture of 1 part water, 1 part vinegar, a few squirts of isopropyl and a few squirts of eco friendly dishwashing liquid. I put in a spray bottle and squirt to clean. I used this for cleaning the floors with a dry mop and came up very clean. Windows looked clean as. For the stubborn grit on windows, I used a paste of baking soda and dishwashing liquid.

    • BeverlyBeverly says

      I sometimes use my vinegar and water mixture to clean my floors too Mary. I put a microfiber cloth on my swiffer, and then keep spritzing it with my homemade cleaner while I damp mop the floor. I think next time I will try adding a little rubbing alcohol and dish soap like your recipe above.

  2. BMJ says

    I use this formula and add several drops of my favorite essential oils. Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavendar makes the shower smell great and opens up my sinuses if I spray the warm shower immediately following my shower while I am still in the stall before I towel off.

  3. Dan says

    We made this and really liked it, however, we’re wondering if 1) You can use this on days you don’t shower, and 2) can it be used in plastic shower doors?

    • BeverlyBeverly says

      I think you should be able to use this spray even if it’s not after a shower, however I don’t know if there would be a need for that. But if you wanted to give that a try, I don’t think it would cause any problems.

      I have not used this spray on plastic, but I think it would certainly be worth a try. The rinse aid in this spray would probably work on plastic too to help water spots from building up.

      • Tammy says

        It works great for cleaning tile counter tops and bathroom sinks. The rinse aid makes everything sparkle. It even makes the icky bathroom sink in my husbands bathroom look awesome.

  4. Nicole says

    Hello. I love this idea. I spend way too much on cleaning products. My question is can I add some essential oil to this mixture.

    • BeverlyBeverly says

      Yes, I think it would be OK to add a few drops of essential oil to this recipe (maybe 5 to 10 drops). It would still be pretty watered down so I don’t think it would cause any problems.

  5. says

    Love your blog!!!!!! I am definitely going to try this. We are cutting our grocery bill back as our new years resolution and cleaning products are so expensive! This definitely will help! I love how theres no chemicals too. Found your blog via pint rest which linked it to spam. Sad…. someone stole your picture but since the picture had your blog name in the corner on it I just searched and found it. Some people aren’t very bright. But anyways glad I found your blog :)

    • Susan says

      Of course there are chemicals – ALL of the ingredients are chemicals. To those who want to use vinegar instead of a rinse agent – it will not do the same thing because vinegar is an acid while the rinse agent affects surface tension (sheeting action).

  6. Robert says

    I’ve been using another concoction very similar but now I will try yours. Sounds like yours just may be better with the jet dry.

    • BeverlyBeverly says

      Any brand of liquid dish soap will work (and I updated the recipe to show it as liquid). It seems like more often the powdered stuff for dishwashers is labeled as detergents and the liquid stuff is usually labeled as soap.

    • BeverlyBeverly says

      You probably could substitute vinegar but it might not have quite the same “sheeting” quality as a rinse aid does. It’s worth a try!

    • Juli says

      I have actually replaced the rinse-aid in my dishwasher with straight white vinegar and have been very pleased with results, so I dont know why it would be an issue

  7. Bess says

    I’m so glad to find this tip and can’t wait to try it! We have fiberglass doors, too, and they never seem to look clean…even right after I’ve cleaned them. And love that this concoction won’t aggravate my asthma nearly as much as the foaming stuff I used does!

  8. Larry says

    Just a note, because some of the comments are indicating the desire to add vinegar to this home-cleaning formula. Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar are not a good mix. They react to make peracetic acid, a corrosive and irritating (to the lungs) chemical.

    Hydrogen peroxide + rubbing alcohol is OK
    Rubbing alcohol + vinegar is OK
    Hydrogen peroxide + vinegar is NOT OK

    And keep bleach away from all of these.

  9. Betty Richardson says

    I have the fiberglass tub shower combinations. Cleaned the soap scum, etc. from both showers, shower heads, curtain liners and bathtubs with half Dawn half vinegar mix. Soaked the shower heads in this mix by using a plastic bag with rubber bands around it. With some scrubbing got everything spotless.

    Now I use your after shower spray daily and both are still sparkling. Even use it on the curtain liners. It keeps them nice and clean. A real work saver. Love it.

    Thank you, thank you!

  10. Jackie says

    absolutely love this stuff, keeps my shower looking great, and I’m going to make a few bottles and give them to my daughter-in-laws for Christmas!

  11. says

    OK, a dumb question here…I made a cleaner with dawn, vinegar, H2O and tea tree oil….does it need to be rinsed off after spraying or just left on?

    • BeverlyBeverly says

      Boomdog02 – That sounds like a cleaner mixture that needs to be wiped off after spraying it on. I don’t think it would need rinsing, but would need to be wiped. The rubbing alcohol and the rinse aid in this daily shower cleaner recipe are what make you able to spray it on with no rinsing or wiping needed, and the recipe you described sounds different than that to me.

    • says

      Boomdog02, that is exactly the recipe I was thinking of by the time I got to the end of the article – great minds think alike!
      How are you finding it, have you had to make any changes to it and is it doing a good job on your shower?

      • says

        Also – most importantly are you having to wipe it down? We currently squeegee the shower after use, quite frankly this is a terribly boring affair!

        • says

          I added 3/4 cup Finish, the dishwasher finishing rinse and it made a world of difference. I experimented by adding essential oils to give the room a nice minty spa scent…it doesn’t need to be washed/squeegeed. I just splash some water and it rinses clean.

    • BeverlyBeverly says

      I can’t speak from personal experience because we have a shower curtain set-up, but I think it should work to keep the scum and water spots away on a door too.

      • says

        Try using this combo…1/2 cup Dawn, 1 cup Vinegar, 1 cup Finish (DW finishing rinse) fill reminder of spray bottle with water. I also add Tea tree oil for the minty scent. The key is starting with clean shower doors. Then spray them daily after showering and rinse off. Makes them sparkle!

  12. says

    I have very hard water and my shower turns blue. I first used Mr. Clean bathroom eraser and it came sparking white. Only had to scrub hard on the bad spots. I then made this shower cleaner spray and have used it now for2 weeks. Blue has not come back and my walls in the shower are still sparking white. This is a great spray and I happen to love the alcohol smell I just feel it makes my shower smell really clean.