How to Clean A Showerhead with Vinegar (And Glass Block Windows Too!)

Vinegar is a great all around ingredient to have on hand for lots of different household uses.. It can be used as a cleaner, a fabric softener, and as a rinse aid in the dishwasher, to name a few.

And now I have another thing to add to my growing list of great uses for vinegar – It does a super job of cleaning mineral deposits off a showerhead (and off our bathroom glass block windows too!)

Update: Read my new method for using vinegar to clean a shower head here (no baggie needed!) – – > How To Clean and Descale a Shower Head the Natural Way

Here’s my poor dirty showerhead that was really in need of a cleaning . . . . .

shower head dirty

During the cleaning . . . .

vinegar baggie

And looking MUCH better after the cleaning . . . .

shower head clean

Pretty impressive, dontcha think?

Here’s how you can have a nice clean showerhead too!

How to Clean a Showerhead with Vinegar

You Will Need:

White Distilled Vinegar
A Baggie (A sturdier ziploc type works best)
Rubberband or Twist-Tie

#1 – Fill a baggie about a quarter to half full with vinegar. Do not dilute the vinegar with water.

#2 – Put the baggie with the vinegar over the showerhead and secure it in place with a rubberband or a twist-tie Make sure the vinegar stays in contact with the showerhead. I used a little bit of tape too, to get the baggie in the position I wanted.

#3 – Let everything set for at least an hour. I let mine set all afternoon (about 4 hours). You can also let it set overnight.

#4 – Remove the baggie and discard the vinegar. Wipe the showerhead with a wet cloth. You should now have a nice clean showerhead!

Use Vinegar to Clean Glass Block Windows too!

As a bonus I discovered that straight vinegar does an awesome job of cleaning the mineral deposits off the glass block windows in our shower too. I’d kind of given up on those windows over the years. It was a constant battle trying to keep the glass clean – in a shower! But a little bit of straight vinegar on an abrasive green scrubbie really worked wonders. My windows looked cleaner than they had in years.

Hooray for Vinegar!!

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  1. Loving your shower cleaners going to share this with anyone i can. I dont use the chemical the stor sells fumes are toxic.
    Thank you for sharing this

  2. the old rule of vinegar is white is for cleaning and apple is for cooking, that’s what I learned anyway, and if you are handy, you can do without the baggy, I just unscrew my shower head and drop it in a bowl of vinegar and let soak that way

  3. Hi jeck – I used ordinary white vinegar but any type of vinegar should work. This method works because vinegar is acidic which breaks down the hard water spots that are more alkaline. Because all vinegars are acidic I think that other types (apple cider vinegar for instance) should work too.

  4. So true! I bet that coffee cup and sink are truly sparkling. Vinegar does an amazing job of breaking down buildup on surfaces and leaving them really smooth and shiny.

  5. Vinegar is amazing stuff! I've been working on “fixing” my coffee pot with it and discovered I have the cleanest coffee cup and sink out there just from processing the vinegar into the cup and pouring the cup into the sink! Gonna try your shower head cleaning idea! What a novelty it will be to have the water all spraying in the right direction! ๐Ÿ˜‰