Peroxide and Dawn Stain Remover – Another Success Story


I’m still kind of surprised that two simple ingredients like Dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide can do such amazing things when it comes to laundry stains.

I was doing my happy dance a few weeks ago when this mixture got rid of a  wine stain on a wool sweater.  And now I’m happy to bring you another amazing success story that a friend shared with me through Facebook.

Her stain story was a lot like mine:

Young adult son’s coat + stain sat awhile + we think its oily shaving cream


So she mixed up the homemade stain remover of 1 part Dawn dish soap and 2 parts hydrogen peroxide and went to work.  She also was very, very patient and let the solution sit on the stain for several hours, giving it a little extra application of some more of the mixture every so often during that time.

And sure enough.  It got rid of the stain!

Here’s her impressive Before and After pictures as well as the kind words she shared.

homemade stain remover

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the simple, easy and very effective stain remover with Dawn and hydrogen peroxide. Attached is a “before and after” picture of my son’s coat, which had a very resistant shaving cream stain on the back of it. This solution worked like a charm. Thanks, Bev!

Yup, pretty cool.  So cool that I just had to share it with all of you. :)

If you want to mix up a small batch of this homemade stain remover and try it out for yourself, you can begin with:

1 tablespoon Dawn + 2 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide.

You can also make a lager batch (for instance 1/4 cup Dawn and 1/2cup  peroxide).  However, keep in mind that hydrogen peroxide breaks down in the light. This is why peroxide is sold in those dark brown bottles.  So if you make a larger batch of this stain remover that you will not be using all at one time, storing it in a dark container or covering your container with dark paper or something, will help the mixture keep its potency.


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    Feel free to comment or share your bright idea!

  1. nancy carlson says

    Two things:
    Be careful with Dawn that has color in it. My experience has been that even though the stain will come out, the Dawn will leave it’s own stain! I believe there is a clear formula.
    The other day I poured some peroxide on an old washed/dryed blood stain. I just got the fabric wet and left it alone for several hours. The stain was G.O.N.E.! The trick is to leave it alone and let it do it’s job! I’m usually so impatient, but after this, perhaps it will be easier to let it sit for a good long while.

    • Mony says

      The solution worked great years ago on wine stains on tablecloths. But today on a decorative cloth with a fringe (obviously non-washable, the blue dye in the dawn did leave a ring. I tried to rinse with clear water.

  2. says

    AH-Maz-ING! I thinking about all the great pieces I find at thrifts stores super cheap and I think I will purchase 1 and check this out!

  3. Deeb says

    Thanks much! So…am I understanding that this will get out GREASE/BUTTER/OIL? Even ones that have been washed and dried in the dryer already?

    And..Do you have to use the ORIGINAL Dawn? Or any Dawn?

    Also, do you know of a stain remover with these 2 ingredients PLUS baking soda? I thought I heard that somewhere.

    Sorry, don’t mean to overload you with questions, but as you can see, I have been in need of something like this for a LONNNNNNG time, with no great results!

    again, many thanks!

    • BeverlyBeverly says

      Questions are quite alright! This mixture can do some pretty good work on oily stains, BUT, I have tried it on some things that have gone through the dryer already a couple of times and it did not get them out completely. I always use original Dawn but if you had one of the other varieties of Dawn around it could be worth a try. I like original Dawn best because it’s focus is just for cleaning greasy dishes and not about fragrance or hand softening or stuff like that. You can add baking soda to this mixture if you want to and when people are doing that it’s about adding some abrasiveness to the mixture so you can scrub it into the material a little better. If you give this mixture a try, just make sure to be patient and let it sit on the stain for many hours before washing the item as usual. Good luck!

  4. Georgia says

    I had a long-sleeve tee that I thought I had ruined when it was totally splattered with hot cooking oil. Regular washing didn’t work, so I figured I’d try this before it went to the rag pile. I mixed the proportions in a travel-sized spray bottle, sprayed the stains and just threw the shirt in the hamper. After the next washing it was as good as new. AMAZING….THANKS. Meanwhile the small spray will always be right near my machine.

  5. Elle says

    Love this stuff- I’ve been using this as my go-to stain remover for a couple of years. It has completely removed everything from the blackberries my toddler smashed into the carpet, to the ENTIRE glass of merlot my boyfriend spilled while eating dinner… and subsequently refused to make any attempt to assist me with cleaning it up… ( obviously he has issues- but that’s for a different forum). So I too let it sit. And sit. And sit. After almost 3 WEEKS of looking at burgundy- colored stains splattered on light beige carpet I gave in… I sprayed this directly on the stain (I actually saturated it) and allowed it a good 30 minutes or so to soak in before using my carpet shampooer: and it removed the whole stain…all of it. However, I feel it is worth mentioning that after repeated uses-housebreaking incidents, in high traffic areas, etc, that it may actually be removing the manufacturer’s stain guard or causing it to break down in some way; as my carpet is now becoming increasingly harder to clean. Despite using a vinegar and water solution for the final rinse, iit continues to appear extremely dingey… Has anyone else experienced this as well?

    • BeverlyBeverly says

      Sorry to hear you had that reaction. I’ve used this many many times and have had absolutely no problems and in fact, I do not notice any smell at all.