Wine Bottle Santas with Knit Hats


A bottle of wine can be simple solution for a hostess gift or co-worker gift during the busy holiday season. It’s kind of like giving a jar of cashews or a box of chocolates.  It’s nothing out of the ordinary, but it’s almost always welcomed and appreciated by the person who receives it.  For those that don’t drink alcohol, I’ve sometimes substituted a bottle of sparkling grape juice which is a nice festive option that’s always appreciated too.

Quick knitting pattern to make hats for wine bottles - plus how to decorate your bottles with a Santa suit too!

But if you’re feeling just a teeny bit more ambitious and want to give your gift a homemade touch, you can quickly spruce up those wine bottles for gift giving with these fun little knit hats and Santa suits. This is a simple knitting pattern I came up with so I could add a little extra something to my plain bottles and it has two features all knitters love  – they work up fast and you may be able to use up your yarn scraps. Yay!   I’ve shared this pattern on too, one of my favorite spots to check out when I’m in search of free knitting patterns.

Then to keep the festive groove going, I used some scrapbook paper and a few other crafty doo dads to complete the Santa look. You might find (like me) that you’re having so much fun that before you know it an entire army of wine bottle Santas has appeared on your table 🙂

Quick knitting pattern to make hats for wine bottles - plus how to decorate your bottles with a Christmas Santa suit too!

Here’s how to do it:

Knit Hat for Wine Bottles

Click here to print: Printable Pattern for Wine Bottle Santa Hats

You Will Need:

  • Size 4 needles (U.S. size)
  • Small amount of medium weight yarn (size 4) in Dark Red and White
  • Small white pom poms
  • Large blunt eye needle for sewing hat seam
  • Needle and thread for sewing pom pom to hat


santa-hats-1Cast on 20 stitches in white
Knit for 3 rows

Break off white and attach red yarn
Knit 1 row
Purl 1 row

Begin Decreases:
Row 1: K2 tog, knit across to last 2 stitches, K2 tog
Row 2:  Purl

Repeat these two rows until 4 stitches remain on needle
(Final row will be K2 tog, K2, K2 tog)

Cut yarn leaving a long tail.  Thread the tail of yarn through a large eye needle and then pull through the stitches to remove them from the needle.  Then use the tail of yarn to sew the seam down the back of the hat. Weave in any remaining yarn ends.

Sew a pom-pom onto the top of the hat (either a store bought pom pom or a homemade pom pom)

Santa Suits for Wine Bottles 

How to make Santa suits for wine bottlesYou Will Need:

  • Dark Red Scrapbook Paper
  • White Scrapbook Paper (mine had a light design on it)
  • Black Ribbon
  • Small White Pom Poms
  • Double Sided Tape and/or Glue


Cut a 4¼” x 10″ piece of red scrapbook paper and wrap it around the bottle, overlapping the edges in the back and securing with double sided tape.

Cut a 1″ x 10″ piece of white scrapbook paper and secure around the bottle in the same way, positioning the white strip at the bottom of the red strip, overlapping slightly.

Cut a 10″ piece of black ribbon and wrap it around the bottle, securing it in the back with double stick tape or glue.
Cut a small “belt buckle” from white scrapbook paper and glue to the front.
Note:  I was able to find black ribbon with white stitching on the edges that made a nice looking belt.  I also got lucky and found some stick-on embellishments in the scrapbooking area of the craft store that looked like belt buckles.  You may need to improvise in this area to see what supplies you can find to make this part of the project look good.

Glue four very small white pom poms to the front for buttons.
Note:  You may also want to improvise in this area and use small buttons or small white circles of scrapbook paper.

Finish with curling ribbon and a gift tag around the neck of the bottle.

How to make Santa suits and knit hats to decorate your wine bottles for Christmas

If you need some more holiday inspiration, you can check out some of my other  Christmas Ideas , check out more of my Knitting Patterns or head over to for lots of free knitting patterns too.


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  1. I have a quick question that I hope I can get help with.
    How many rows do you knit once you start the knit 1 row purl 1 row before you start to narrow towards the top of the hat?

    1. You just do those two rows (knit a row, then purl a row), and then you begin the decrease rows. So after you do the white cuff, only two rows are worked even in the red before the decrease rows begin.