Semi-Homemade Body Lotion Mixture

Once before I’ve written about how to make a semi-homemade moisturizer by mixing Baby Lotion, Vitamin E Cream, and Vaseline Jelly Cream, but wanted to take another look at this recipe – because it’s still one of my favorites!

A quick and simple semi-homemade lotion made with baby lotion, Vitamin E cream, and Vaseline jelly cream.

I’ve taken to calling this mixture “semi-homemade” as it’s really just a quick combo of three store bought lotions. But it’s a combo that really seems to provide some good moisturizing and I’ve found myself making the recipe again and again for both myself and to give as gifts.  Why am I taking this shortcut?

Well, to make a truly homemade lotion one needs three other ingredients: an oil, a wax, and water. And because oil and water don’t mix there’s the whole step of emulsifying in there too. AND, if no preservative is added to a homemade lotion it can start growing bacteria within a week or so and the advice is usually to keep your homemade lotion in the refrigerator. (Brrrrrr).  So I’m still intrigued by this whole process, but a little intimidated too.

I’ve played around with some other natural moisturizers – my olive oil moisturizer and my lotion bars and butters made with coconut oil – but all of these strategies have a bit of residual greasiness to them which in the winter I like, but others times, not so much.

All this to say that when I really want a creamy lotion, this simple DIY mixture is one I keep coming back to. It feels good on my skin, it’s very moisturizing, and it smells good too!  Some of the people I’ve given this to as gifts have also told me how much they’ve enjoyed it.

DIY lotion made with baby lotion, vitamin E cream, and Vaseline jelly cream

Can Natural Ingredients Be Substituted?

I know that some folks prefer natural ingredients, and in particular, some folks are wary of the Vaseline Jelly Cream which has petrolatum as an ingredient.  This Vaseline cream is a very moisturizing part of this mixture, but other ingredients can be substituted.

This time when I made my mixture using a 15 oz baby lotion, a 4.5 oz jar of Vitamin E cream, and a 4.5 oz tube Vaseline jelly cream, I measured out each ingredient into my measuring cup first to see what the volume really was and found the following:

15 oz bottle of Baby Lotion = about 1½ cups
4.5 jar of Vitamin E cream = a generous 1/3 cup
4.5 tube of Vaseline Jelly Cream = about a ½ cup

Therefore if you want to substitute another ingredient for the Vaseline jelly cream, simply sub in about a 1/2 cup of your alternate ingredient.

Using Shae Butter in semi-homemade lotion

I gave this a try using the substitution of Shea Butter.  I put my shea butter in the microwave and heated it until it was melted just enough to be stirrable.  I then stirred it into the other two ingredients (the baby lotion and the vitamin E cream). This seemed to work well and is definitely an option if you wish to tweak the recipe.  Coconut oil and cocoa butter could also be possible alternate ingredients.

Can I Easily Find The Ingredients?

Another thing I like about this mixture is that the lotion ingredients have been easy to find in larger stores like Walmart, Target, or my local grocery store (Meijer).  For the baby lotion, I like to use Johnson’s Shea and Cocoa Butter version.  The Vitamin E cream is usually sold in a two pack where other lotions are sold.  The Vaseline jelly cream is usually easy to find by the other lotions in the store too.  If you can’t find the ingredients in these exact same sizes, then refer to the measurement amounts above. You want to have a mixture of about three parts baby lotion, to about one part vitamin E cream, and one part jelly cream.

The final result is a good-sized batch of lotion that should last you for some time – OR – is perfect for dividing up into smaller containers for gift giving.

DIY lotion made with baby lotion, vitamin E cream, and Vaseline jelly cream

Here’s the complete recipe:

Semi-Homemade Body Lotion

A quick and simple mixture that's very moisturizing for skin and perfect for gift-giving too!
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  • 15 oz Bottle of Baby Lotion (I like Johnson's Shea & Cocoa Butter)
  • 4.5 oz Jar of Vitamin E Cream
  • 4.5 oz Tube of Vaseline Jelly Cream


  • Empty the entire bottle of baby lotion, the entire jar of Vitamin E Cream, and the entire tube of Vaseline jelly cream into a large mixing bowl.
  • Stir until all three lotions are mixed well together.
  • Store in a jar or other covered container, or divide into smaller jars for gift giving.


A ½ cup of a natural ingredient can be substituted for the Vaseline Jelly Cream. Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, or Cocoa Butter are possible options.


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    1. Sometimes you can find Vitamin E oil (sold in small bottles) in the vitamin/pharmacy section of most larger stores. You could try making this cream with just the baby lotion and Vaseline jelly, and then add maybe a teaspoon of the vitamin E oil to the mixture to get that extra moisturizing benefit too.

  1. My daughter in law made this over Christmas. Her granny has been making it for some time. I’ve been using it since and it’s an excellent combo. I’m 68 and my sun damaged legs are looking much better. 5 stars!

  2. I’ve used your recipe for a year now. My family loves this so much they bring me the ingredients to make it up for them. Thank you so much.

  3. When my mom passed we found among her things(at the nursing home) a small canning jar with lotion in it. My mom was diabetic and was forevermore using some form of lotion to fight dry skin.

    The label just read the 3 ingredients under a heading of hand cream. I did a Google search and found your post. I’ve saved that jar and replenished it from the container I’ve made of your recipe.

    Now every time I use it it brings up good memories of her.

    1. Oh, thank you so much for sharing your sweet story Tracy. I’m so glad you were able to recreate this lotion that your Mom enjoyed!

  4. A friend gave me a small glass canning jar of this lotion The scent is wonderful! It does stay fresh a long time when kept by the bedside out of direct light. Mine is almost two years old, as I do not often use lotion, and its fragrance and consistency remain the same. Thank you for sharing this great idea and recipe!

    1. Yes, any type of baby lotion will work and the Cottontouch looks like a nice option if you want one without dyes or fragrances.