Make Your Own Virtual Snowflake – No Paper Needed!

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This post was first published in January of 2011 and I shared how to use the Barkley Make-A-Flake online widget as a fun way to make your own virtual snowflakes. However the Make-A-Flake widget ran on Adobe Flash and Adobe Flash is going the way of the dinosaur. As of December 31, 2020 Adobe Flash will no longer be supported, content will be blocked from using Flash, and we are all advised to uninstall Flash if it’s still on our systems. So it looks like no more Barkley Make-A-Flake virtual snowflake fun. But no worries – I have another option for you!

How to make a virtual online snowflake

Yes, I know you can always get out a real piece of paper and scissors if you’re looking for some frugal homemade snowflake fun – BUT – sometimes it’s fun to play online and make virtual snowflakes too. If that sounds like fun, you can try a site called MandalaMaker and the link is below that goes directly to their online snowflake maker page:
Check it out here = = = > > >  MandalaMaker – Snowflake Maker

Here’s a few screenshots of how it works, and I’ve included a video below as well. It’s not quite as user friendly as the Make-A-Flake, but it’s still fun and once you get the hang of it, it’s rather addicting too!

When you begin your online snowflake, you’ll be greeted by a white triangle, just like you would start with a folded triangle piece of paper.

Screenshot of virtual snowflake

Then to cut out shapes, you’ll click with your mouse and get a green dot to begin your shape. As you move your mouse and keep clicking, each click will create a red dot on a new corner of your shape, until you again click on the green dot to close the shape. This creates the cut-out.

You can make as many of these cut-outs as you wish. You can make the cutouts along the edges of the white triangle, or inside the white triangle, and you may even find it helpful to begin clicking in the outer blue area to make your shape. It make take a few tries, but before long you’ll have the hang of it and you’ll be wasting time artistically making lots of snowflakes. 🙂

how to make a virtual snowflake online

When you’re done making the cutouts, click on the “Make Snowflake” button on the right hand side of the page and your pretty new virtual snowflake will appear on the left.  TA-DA !

Here’s a quick little video so you can see how it looks to make your own virtual snowflake using the MandalaMaker:

So whether you’re young or old, I think you’ll find it fun to make your own virtual snowflake. Just like real snowflakes, it feels like no two ever turn out the same! Here’s a little collection of some of the snowflakes I made:

How to make virtual snowflakes online

Here’s the link again so you can start having fun too – Enjoy!

Mandala Maker – Snowflake Maker

Note:  I believe the MandalaMaker site is intended to use with a computer with a mouse-pointing type of device and if you try to use it on a mobile phone it will probably suggest you download an app to help use their module.

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