Make Your Own 3D Glasses (with Sharpie Markers!)

Every now and then I get in the mood to try a project just for the fun of it. Not because I need it. Not because it will greatly enhance my life. No, there’s just no good reason except it sounds like fun and I’m just a little too curious for my own good.

And that’s why today I decided to make my own 3D glasses. Just for the heck of it! It will be fun!

Guess what? *It worked Just follow these instructions and you too can waste time enjoy watching 3D videos on YouTube like I did today.

Hurry over to the Dollar Store and buy yourself some cheap safety glasses. You’ll also need a blue Sharpie marker and a red Sharpie marker.

Make your own 3D Glasses

Then you color the right eye area with the blue marker . . .

Make Your Own 3D Glasses

. . . . And color the left eye area with the red marker.

Make Your Own 3D Glasses

Now you have 3D glasses! Just remember the magic formula:

Right eye = Blue
Left Eye = Red

Make Your Own 3D Glasses

Put on your snazzy new 3D glasses and look at this picture. See, I knew this was going to be fun!!

Keep the fun going a little longer and enjoy this 3D video of the magical forest.

Magical Forest 3D  You Tube Video

Now wasn’t that more fun than doing laundry?

It sure was.

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    1. Well,this is the standard way it is done and I’m not quite sure what would happen if you reversed them. 3D works because two images are overlaid over each other (one in red and one in blue) and each eye sees one of the images giving the effect of depth. I tried to do some research if you could switch which eye sees which color but could not find anything to say for sure it that would work or not.