Make Your Own Tartar Sauce

Why is it I never have tartar sauce in the house when I need it? Lucky for me I learned this easy substitute several years ago that has come to the rescue on many occasions. Now I can make my own tartar sauce on the spur of the moment! In fact, I’m beginning to think I really don’t need to buy the store bought tartar sauce at all anymore.

Homemade Tartar Sauce

To make your own tartar sauce simply combine mayonnaise and pickle relish. I usually use a soup spoon to put two or three of good size spoonfuls of mayonnaise into a little bowl. Then I take a regular size spoon to add two or three spoonfuls of the pickle relish. Stir the mayo and pickle relish together and adjust with more mayo or pickle relish as needed.

You can also jazz up this basic combination by adding a little salt and pepper, a dash of worcestershire sauce, or a splash of lemon juice to the mix.

I almost always have mayonnaise and pickle relish in my refrigerator so this little trick has helped me use what I have on hand to make a quick homemade tartar sauce with no measuring of ingredients needed.

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  1. Thank you for this recipe. I did not know how simple it was. Every where else had like 4 or 5 ingredients that used lemon juice and when I read your article I was surprised at the simplicity of tartar sauce. Thank you for a recipe that even a child can do.