Make Your Own Blush


For most of my homemade recipes I try to use common and ordinary ingredients that most of us have in our cupboards.  I like to use things like vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or baking soda that most of us can just pick up off the grocery store shelves without much extra effort.

But today I’m using something you might find unfamiliar.  It was a new ingredient for me that I couldn’t just pick up at a nearby store and instead had to order from Amazon.  What is it?

My new ingredient is Beet Root Powder.

What Is Beet Root Powder?

Beet root powder is just what you’re probably thinking it is.  It’s the red root of the beet plant which has been dried and then ground into a fine powder, which of course is also a lovely deep red color.  If you’re feeling ambitious you can even check out this article on how to Make Your Own beet root powder.  Because beet root powder is high in vitamins and minerals, it can be used as a food additive in things like smoothies, and in the ready made food industry is often used as a coloring agent and additive in things like spaghetti sauce.

But I wasn’t thinking about food when I ordered my beet root powder.  No, instead I was wanting to put that lovely natural and organic deep red powder to a different use – I wanted to make my own blush.

Make Your Own Blush

Can You Make Your Own Blush?

For the most part, I’m a gal who prefers blush as opposed to bronzer.  I usually use bronzer in the warm months (which we don’t have too many of here in Michigan!) and I use blush for most of the other months of the year.   A while back I learned how easy it was to  make your own bronzer using corn starch and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.  I knew this same process would work to make my own blush too.  I just needed to have some red powder instead of the browns to mix with my corn starch.  And beet root powder was the answer!

Here’s the Amazon link if you want to check it out too:   Beet Root Powder
(affiliate link)

I paid $3.25 for my 4 oz packet of beet root powder, and with shipping and handling my total paid was $6.31.   You can pay close to $5 or $6 just for one single package of blush in the store.  My homemade blush recipe uses only four teaspoons of the beet root powder and just by eyeballing it, I would say I could easily get at least a dozen more batches of blush from my 4 oz packet of beet root powder.  So yes, you can make your own blush and it’s definitely a money saver too!

Here’s how to do it:

Homemade Blush


You Will Need:

  • 2 teaspoons Corn Starch

  • 4 teaspoons Beet Root Powder

  • 10 drops Orange Essential Oil (or the flavor of your preference)

  • Small jar for storage

Put the 2 teaspoons of corn starch in a small bowl.  If there are any lumps, crush them up so that your corn starch is as powdery as possible.

Add the beet root powder one teaspoon at a time, mixing after each addition to arrive at the color you like.  I think the four teaspoon amount works very well, but you may need to add more or less for a mixture that suits your preference and skin coloring.

Finally, mix in the essential oil.

Place your blush powder in a small jar for storage.

A Few More Notes:

~~ You can make this recipe in larger or smaller batches too.  Just use about twice as much beet root powder as corn starch.  As mentioned above, add your beet root powder gradually to arrive at a color blend that suits your skin coloring.

~~ The essential oil in the recipe is not absolutely necessary, however beet root powder has a slight smell to it so it does help to cover that up a bit with an essential oil.  I really like orange essential oil, but you can use what you have or whatever is your favorite.

~~ This is a loose powder, so you may need to change your application technique slightly from the pressed powder blushes.  Dip your make up brush in the blush powder and gently tap off any excess.  Lift the brush carefully to your face and apply.  Chances are you will still have some blush powder that filters down onto the surface below that you will have to wipe away.

~~  I like to moisturize my face first with my homemade glycerin spray.  It feels like the homemade blush powder sticks a little better if my skin is recently moistened.

~~  I was able to find the perfect little jar for my homemade blush in the travel-sized products area at my local Meijer store.




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  1. I love Beet Root for blush! I don’t use any cornstarch or other additive because I find it tends to change the color. Thank you for all your wonderful recipes I can’t wait to get started on some!