Did You Know? Canning Jars Fit On Blenders!



Are you a fan of canning jars?  I sure am.  They always look good whether you’re using them for storage, decoration, or for some other functional use.  I have more ideas on my “Mason Jar Love” Pinterest Board than I’ll probably ever be able to make.

And ya’ll know I love finding crafty tricks and tips too like putting parmesan cheese lids on canning jars or putting tops of salt containers on canning jars.

And now  . . . I have yet another fun reason to love canning jars.

They fit on blenders!

How to use a canning jar on a blender

That’s right, you should be able to screw a regular size mouth canning jar (not the wide mouth variety) right onto your blender.

Of course there are pros and cons to this little trick too.

One of the good things about this strategy is that whatever you’re blending together is already conveniently in a smaller sized container that a lid can be put onto.  If you’re making a smoothie, for instance, it’s all ready to go out the door with you in a sturdy container.  It’s kind of like Making Your Own Magic Bullet!

The down side is that the container opening is on the bottom, rather than a usual blender container with the opening on the top. When it comes time to unscrew the container with the blended stuff inside it, you have to be a little clever and careful about it, but it’s still pretty easy.

Here’s the method I used to put a canning jar on a blender. I put the rubber gasket ring on my canning jar opening first, and then put the blade on next, laying it over the ring with the blades inside the jar.

How to use a canning jar on a blender

Next I screwed on the “collar” and then everything was ready to be screwed onto the blender base.  (These photos were simply How-To photos, and normally your jar would already have the contents to be blended inside)

How to use a canning jar on a blender


Homemade Sweetened Condensed MilkSo what caused me to start putting canning jars on blenders anyway?

I was blending up some homemade sweetened condensed milk that turned out just beautifully.  That recipe is coming up next!

Click here for the recipe:  Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk Recipe




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  1. This blew my mind when I learned it. It’s best for salad dressings, which are always messy and you end up washing out so much tastiness if you use the blender jar.

    This was also one of the sad parts of buying my blendtec blender, which doesn’t fit 🙁

    I still have my old blender which I’m using for homemade things and industrial applications like soaps!