Knit Scrubbie Pattern Using Red Heart Scrubby Yarn

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Scrubbie Knitting Pattern using Red Heart Scrubby Yarn

If you’re a knitter or a crocheter, you’ve probably seen your share of scrubbie patterns.  And all those scrubbie patterns most likely had the same thing in common – they were made out of strips of nylon net.

Nylon net is abrasive and makes a nice little scrubbie for doing the dishes.  I just wish I had the patience for cutting up all that nylon net into little strips and tying them together.  You would think for someone that likes to make her own stuff, that I would be more excited about making my own yarn out of nylon net. But, no.  Sorry.  Boring.

And that’s why I perked up and took notice when I found a new yarn made by Red Heart.

Scrubby Yarn!

Scrubbie Knitting Pattern using Red Heart Scrubby Yarn

I saw (and bought!) the Red Heart Scrubby Yarn at both Walmart and at Hobby Lobby so there are some larger retailers that are now carrying it.  If you can’t find it at a local store, it’s also available on Amazon. (you can check it out here: Red Heart Scrubby Yarn)

Now this yarn is not nylon net.  But it does have lots of extra little nubs that give your finished knitted piece some extra scrubbing power.  I got busy and created a simple little pattern to use this new yarn for knitting up some scrubbies.

After playing around with the yarn for a bit, I decided this yarn works best when held double as you knit.  I made a scrubbie holding two strands of the scrubby yarn together as I knit, and I also made some scrubbies holding one strand of the scrubby yarn with one strand of a cotton yarn.  Both those options made a nice little scrubbie that was kind of a cross between a washcloth and a scrubbie.

Scrubbie Knitting Pattern using Red Heart Scrubby Yarn

Here’s my quick and simple scrubbie pattern:

Knit Scrubbie Pattern

(Printable pattern option is at the end of this post)

Needles:  Size 8 Knitting Needles (US size)

Yarns: Red Heart Scrubby Yarn and a cotton yarn (like Sugar ‘n Cream or I Love This Cotton)

Yarn is held double while knitting this pattern.  Choose one of the options below:

Option 1:  Knit with two strands of scrubby yarn. (for this option the cotton yarn is not needed)

Option 2:  Knit with one strand of scrubby yarn and one strand of cotton yarn

Cast on 15 stitches.

Knit in garter stitch (knit every row) until piece measures 3″ from the beginning (about 22 rows).

Bind off loosely.  (binding off loosely helps you slip the scrubby yarn off the needle, and makes for a stretchier edge on your scrubbie too).

To finish, weave in any yarn ends as necessary.

Scrubbie Knitting Pattern using Red Heart Scrubby Yarn

As you can see, this is a super basic pattern.  After all, we’re just making rectangles. πŸ™‚

Your finished rectangle scrubbie should be about 4″x3″ which was a size I thought was about right . . . although when I put a couple of them by the sink and we started using them, Hubby and I had different reactions:

First I did the dishes . . . 

ME:  Hmmm, maybe I made these scrubbies too big.  Maybe I should adjust the pattern and make them a wee bit smaller.

And then Hubby did the dishes . . . 

HUBBY:  Hey, those new scrubbies you made?  I think you need to make them a little bigger.

Ha!  So if you want a dainty scrubbie, cast on few less stitches and knit fewer rows.  But if you want a manly scrubbie, cast on a few more stitches and knit a few more rows.

Just make your own scrubbie rectangles in a size you like – and have fun!

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Knit Scrubbies made with Red Heart Scrubby Yarn

These scrubbies work up quickly using Red Heart Scrubby Yarn. The yarn is held double in this pattern to give the scrubbies extra thickness. You can either use two strands of scrubby yarn or pair the scrubby yarn with a cotton yarn. Both options work well and it's fun to pair different colors together too!
Author: Beverly


  • Size 8 Knitting Needles (US)
  • Red Heart Scrubby Yarn
  • Cotton Yarn, such as Sugar 'N Cream (for Option #2 only)


Note: The yarn is held double while knitting this pattern. Choose one of the following options:

    Option #1 – Use two strands of Scrubby Yarn

      Option #2 – Use one strand of Scrubby Yarn and one strand of cotton yarn

        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

        • Cast on 15 stitches
        • Knit in garter stitch (knit every row) until piece measures 3" from the beginning (about 22 rows).
        • Bind off loosely. (Binding off loosely helps you slip the scrubby yarn off the needles and makes for a stretchier edge on the scrubbie too.
        • To finish, weave in any yarn ends as necessary.

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        1. I have made hundreds of these with 2 strands of scrubby yarn. Neighbors and family beg for them. I’ve done this since this yarn came out. A couple of friends want them washcloth size and use them as exfoliators for their whole body. My son uses one for his grill, several in his ATV repair shop. My son-in-law uses them for detailing cars. Another friend uses them in his woodworking shop. I’ve sent them to Atlanta, Indianapolis and Dallas as well as locally. These things are AWESOME!!!

        2. This is a great pattern! My first three (two square and one of your round scrubbies) work perfectly, and I’ve bought more scrubby yarn to make more, as well as cotton! What a fun project to make, and so useful too!

        3. Oh Boy!!! Fred hit here yesterday and rained all day. So I made all colors of scrubbies. A while ago I made one as large as a washcloth. My husband has it and he uses it to clean the vehicles with…especially the windshield and bug encrusted front of the truck. He wants more. Thank you for a very reuseable pattern.

          1. I’m glad you made good use of your time while stuck inside during a tropical rain storm! I never thought to use one of these scrubbies for cleaning the windshield and grill of a truck. They can certainly have lots of uses!

        4. Love this pattern but I found it hard to cast off, I kept dropping the scrubbie yarn, then I had an idea, I use a crochet hook in my right hand, knit two stitches then pull the second one thru the first stitch. And continue to the end, no more dropped stitches😊

        5. Thank you for the instructions, it’s always instructive to see how other people make their knit things. I have made one knit scrubby (about 4 x 4″) and my hubby uses it to wash dishes. He wasn’t sure he would like it, but he likes it a lot. I have been looking for fancier patterns, but I don’t think that’s likely in knitting since the design is absorbed in the fluff.

        6. I’m generally a loose knitter but with the two stands of this scrubbie yarn I find I’m really struggling for the stitches not to be tight. Any hints?

        7. Such an easy project. I recently made over 225 in different color combinations and sold every one at a craft fair. Color combinations are endless. I made them about 5”x6” which I think is a nice size to do dishes.

          Also, I knitted using double strands of poly scrubby yarn. I did try knitting poly and cotton scrubby yarn together but did not care for the softer cotton cleaning ability and longer drying time. I prefer knitting two poly strands together.

          The first scrubby I made as a test case is over 4 yrs old and I’ve used it every single day to do dishes.

          Everyone that I’ve given it to just loves using it.

        8. I love this scrubbie pattern, I made several yesterday. It takes only a short time to finish and they make wonderful gifts. I made a larger one for my son. He thought it was great and wanted to wash my dishes to try it. What a guy. Anyway thanks for this pattern I’m going to get a lot of use from it.

        9. Thank you for sharing. I am sending this pattern to my sister, the knitter and crocheter. I bought scrubbies at a farmer’s market and knew sister would like to give some away as stocking stuffers.

        10. This is a great pattern! I have made several of these dishcloth and gave away. They work great and everone loves them! Thank you!

          1. So glad you like the pattern Sarah and that you’re sharing your finished scrubbies with others too. πŸ™‚

        11. can i use this yarn for making a body loofah? should i use two strands of scrubbie yarn or one scrubbie yarn and a cotton yarn? thanks, mgc

          1. Actually I have knit some bath loofahs and have preferred to use the Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle yarn. I use that double.

        12. I have knitted over 200 Scrubbies for family and friends. I cast on 3 stitches using a size 2 needle using just one strand of yarn and work up to 32 and then back down to 3. Everyone likes the tighter weave.

        13. I would like to make on a straight loom. Do you have a pattern for the loom? If so could you please let me.
          Thank you

        14. I’m making facial scrubbies for a spa party I’m having. Just curious, how many scrubbies can I make from 1 skein?

          1. I get 3.5 Scrubbies from one skein but I use a much different pattern than is shown on this website. Using a size 2 needle and one strand of yarn, I cast on 3 stitches and work up to 32 and then back down to 3. For a facial scrubby you might want to consider the scrubby cotton.

        15. Super easy! Using aqua and green! Looks great together. Only took a couple of hours to complete &I think I will be able to make at least 4 from 2 skeins
          Thank you and have a wonderful Holday season!

            1. I started with a standard pattern and found people liked them bigger so I adjusted my pattern and I like them a lot better. The first ones, I could make about 5 but now about 4.

        16. When you make the scrubby with scrubby yarn and cotton yarn knit st the same time, do you split the cotton yarn when weaving it in at the end? Or do you weave it in whole?

        17. I found it easier to knit with 1 strand cotton and 1 scrubbie yarn,I have given all that I have allready made away now I have none for myself,so have to get busy,,

          1. Yes, that one strand of cotton yarn can make it a bit easier, and you’re right that these are fun to give away to the point that we might not have any left for ourselves!

        18. Thanks! Red Heart also has Scrubby Sparkle, which has a different look and the 2 held together make a great scrubby! It’s not in the stores anymore, but you can still get it at!

          1. No, you just use the two strands together in your hand as you knit. So instead of knitting with just one strand of yarn as usual, you are always holding (and using) two strands as move along knitting each stitch.

              1. I might have to give the four strands of yarn a try! I’m sure that would help make these scrubbies nice and sturdy.

        19. If you use the two strands of yarn you will get a scrubbie that will clean tree sap off the deck, clean a grill (REALLY dirty-year old grease/dirt), and the most stuck on stuff in an iron skillet. The girls I work with call it “the wonder cloth”. I can’t make them fast enough for them.

          1. I’m so glad you’ve found that these scrubbies can do the job Cheryl! Thanks for sharing and I hope you keep enjoying these “wonder cloths” πŸ™‚

        20. Still would like to know what price to sell it at a Craft Sale? Or should I put 2or 3 together and sell like that? That’s the knitted ones?

          1. Depending on the cost of the yarn, they normally cost me between $1.10 and $1.25 each to make. You can then determine what you want to add for your time.

          1. You could check out some Etsy listings if you want to see what prices people are selling their homemade scrubbies for. I think it is usually somewhere between $2 to $3 apiece and on Etsy they are often sold in sets (rather than just selling one individual scrubbie)

        21. I just made one of each to see which one I prefer. One with two strands of scrubby yarn and one with a single scrubby yarn with one of cotton. I am trying to replace using the scrubby sponges from the store. I decided to make one more pad with two strands of scrubby yarn with one strand of cotton. I like the idea of the cotton which will hold water but wanted to try it with the extra scrubby yarn. Thanks for the pattern. I can’t wait to see how my experiment works out.

          1. I like that idea Judy! I think knitting with the 3 strands (2 scrubby and 1 cotton) should work out OK. I might have to try that too!

        22. I made a version of this (my own “pattern”- just made it up as I went). I knit a similar size rectangle with double strand of scruuby,, then kept going and made the same size addition of regular cotton yarn. I stitched the ends together to end up with a two sided scrubbie. One soft, the other the nubby scrubber side. My sister now has it!

        23. Bev do you happen to have a pattern for a knitted bath puff using scrubbie yarn? I’ve only seen crochet patterns.

          1. Sorry Gayle, I don’t have a knit bath pouf pattern. I’ve noticed the patterns are all crochet too, I think because it’s easier to make a round item with crochet.

          1. No, the yarn is held double but it is not double sided knitting (where you knit a stitch and then slip a stitch). But that sounds like an interesting idea and I might have to give that a try!

            1. Just bought some of this scrubby yarn today and thought I’d use double strands held together then saw your pattern. So a good idea and I’m going to dig out my straight needles and get to work making some for a gift. I’m thinking is smaller is best and your 3″ x 4″ might be just right. A friend made larger ones and only single strand and after seeing those I thought the double strand and smaller would be “scrubbier”.

              1. I agree Denise and I think single strand and a larger size would almost make more of a “mini washcloth” than a scrubbie.

        24. Hi! I was just wondering…. since you’ve had these for a while now, has a preference developed for either the doubled up scrubby yarn, or the scrubby yarn plus cotton?

          1. I think I prefer the doubled up scrubby yarn. The scrubby is a little “floppier” but also just a little “scrubbier”!

        25. How do you clean them? I’ve heard of putting the nylon scrubbies in the dishwasher, just curious if you do that with these. Thanks.

          1. I have put mine in the washing machine and dryer with the other things being washed, and they come out fine. The dishwasher would probably work too.

          1. Not yet (I don’t crochet very often!) Perhaps something like using a medium sized hook and beginning with a chain of 15 stitches, and then single crochet each row until you have three inches worked would give you about the same size rectangle scrubbie. BUT – I’ve always wished I was better at making the crochet circle scrubbies and maybe you could just substitute holding this Scrubby Yarn double with any of those patterns too.