Just For Fun: The First Four Words Describe You

Sometimes we need a break from the serious stuff. Perhaps you’ve seen the picture below before. When I first saw it I found it an interesting little item and thought you all might enjoy this fun diversion in your day.

So take a look at the picture below. The first four words you see describe you.

The first four words describe you

My four words? Witty, Lovely, Charismatic, and Passionate. Good words for a blogger!
{{ well maybe you don’t need the Lovely part for blogging but that just makes me feel good so I’ll take it! }}

I first saw this posted on Facebook. The first person to leave a comment said “My first word was lazy so I quit looking” Do you think she saw the irony in that?? heehee

So how about it? What four words popped out first for you?

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Does this poem sound like you?

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