Does this poem sound like you?

Lots of us will be heading into the kitchen tomorrow for the biggest cooking holiday of the year – Thanksgiving! I’m getting off pretty easy this year with only a salad and some cookies to be made.

Hubby asked me if I had everything I needed or was I still going to be dashing out to the store for last minute ingredients. My answer? No, there would not be any last minute grocery runs but only because I’m improvising (a teeny bit). I wanted to sprinkle some walnuts on my salad, but realized I don’t have any. I’m going to substitute some almonds instead.

That made me think of this poem I found in one of my old recipe books.  Does this sound like you? Because it sounds a little bit like me. 🙂

Pome with the title Recipe Gone Wrong

OK, I think I follow recipes a little better than that, but I’m also a believer in using what’s available to you and improvising once in a while. Sometimes great discoveries happen when we improvise, and sometimes . . . . well sometimes it just ends up pretty funky. But with every funky disaster, we learn and nothing beats hands on experience.

Here’s wishing that everyone’s kitchen adventures turn out wonderful!

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