Fast Hack: DIY La Croix Water

Today’s post isn’t really a recipe. Instead it’s just a quick little work-around idea to make a copycat version of one of my favorite store bought drinks for summer – La Croix Sparkling Water. And best of all, this quick little DIY version is a drink with no calories and no sugar too!

La Croix water (which I understand is a little more popular in the Midwest U.S. where I live than in some other places) is described on the packaging as a “naturally essenced sparkling water”.  And that’s correct! You get a little bit of fizziness with just a wee bit of natural fruit flavoring.  Lots of folks (me included) find it to be a nice alternative to sugary drinks and a much healthier no-calorie option too.

Copycat La Croix Water - Summertime drinks are easy with this lazy way to make your own!

BUT, if I don’t want to open a whole can of La Croix, I do have a little semi-homemade strategy I sometimes fall back on.  Here’s the lazy way I make my own:

Club Soda + Stur Liquid Water Enhancer

Yup! It can give you the same kind of combo of something with a little fizz and bubble, with just a touch of fruit flavoring in there too.

DIY Hack for La Croix Drinks - the lazy way to make your own!


Stur Liquid Water Enhancer, if you’re not familiar with it, is an all natural flavoring that you use by squirting just a little bit into your glass of water. It was created by a husband to help keep his wife hydrated and drinking enough water during her pregnancy. It comes in a variety of flavors and can often be found on the shelves of your regular grocery store.

So, if you keep a bottle of this natural water enhancer around, it gives you several ways to be a little creative in the “make your own” spirit of things.

~ You can have DIY flavored waters by adding a small squirt to a plain glass of water . . .
~ You can give your homemade smoothies a flavor boost with a quick squirt . . . 
~ Or you can have a copycat La Croix by adding a little squirt to some club soda!

I often have club soda in the house because I use it as a natural window cleaner, and recently also discovered it can be a homemade way to keep apple slices from turning brown.  Of course, it has to be a somewhat fresh bottle of club soda with some fizz left to it for this DIY La Croix strategy to really work. Buying club soda in the smaller 10 oz individual size bottles could work well for this strategy too.

Quick Hack for DIY La Croix Water

So if you’re trying to stay hydrated without all the sugars and calories, maybe you’ll find this water enhancer product to be a helpful thing too.  I know that I’ve found it useful on different occasions and I like that it’s a way to make a semi-homemade La Croix drink too!

Note:  I was not paid by Stur for writing this post.  This is just what I do and info I thought you would all enjoy!


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