Easy Knit Infinity Scarf


If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then my Dear Daughter and her mother-in-law should be very flattered right now. My daughter came over a few weeks ago with a cute little hand knit scarf on that was a Christmas present from her mother-in-law.

Did I say it was a cute little scarf? Yes, it was cute! And I wanted to be a total copycat and have one just like it.

I did some internet searching and craft store searching for the pattern and came up empty handed. But it was a very simple scarf, all in garter stitch, so of course . . . .

I just made my own.

infinity scarf

This knit scarf is just a long narrow piece that you knit with a Super Bulky yarn. It ends up being quite stretchy. You then sew the ends together to create the loop that makes this an infinity scarf. Things get finished up when you sew on a couple of buttons on for decoration over the seam. I bought a couple buttons for one scarf, but for the other I just raided my button box.

Does anyone else have a button box?

I {love} my button box.

button box

This is a super simple pattern that would be great for beginners. It knits up fast too and can easily be made over the course of a couple of nights or in a weekend.

In fact they knit up so fast, that I made two! I made one using the Lion Brand Hometown USA Yarn in Houston Cream and a second one using Homemade USA Yarn in Portland Wine.

Apparently the Hometown USA brand of yarn names all the colors of their yarn using the name of an American city. I had to smile when I discovered my hometown is one of the colors. Yup, there’s a Grand Rapids Green too!

The Hometown USA yarns are sold in 5 oz balls. I just knit up the entire ball of yarn for my scarf. Once again, easy peasy.

infinity scarf

Easy Infinity Scarf Knitting Pattern

You Will Need:

  • Size 13 Knitting Needles
  • One ball of Super Bulky Yarn (I used 5 oz Lion Brand Hometown USA)
  • Two Large Decorative Buttons
  • Large Blunt Eye Needle (for sewing scarf ends together)
  • Regular needle and thread for sewing on buttons

Gauge: 9 stitches = 4 inches

Cast on 9 Stitches

Knit in garter stitch (knit every row) until piece measure approximately 45″ inches and/or your ball of yarn is used up. (Make sure, however, that you leave enough yarn to sew up the final seam).

Bind off, leaving a long tail of yarn to sew the seam.

infinity scarf cream color
Ready to go – See ya later – Bye!

Sew the ends of the scarf together to create a long loop. Be careful not to twist the scarf when sewing the ends together. You will need a Large-Eye Blunt Needle for sewing with the yarn.

Finish off your scarf by sewing a couple of large decorative buttons over the seam. You will need to use a regular needle and thread for this step so that the needle will fit through the holes on your buttons.

To wear, twist the scarf around your neck a couple times and you’re good to go!

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  1. Wow, some people are so creative. I am just doing some newborn baby hats for charity,thanks for pattern, and will soon be doing a couple of scarves they look great.