DIY Glass Spray Bottles For Homemade Cleaners

When you make your own cleaners, you of course need to find a good container to put them in too. Many times that container is a plastic spray bottle.

BUT, what if you like the glass spray bottles? Did you find them to be a little too pricey for your budget?

There’s a DIY solution for that!  You can make your own glass spray bottle by simply recycling another glass bottle.

The trick, however, is to find a product sold in a glass bottle with the correct sized opening with a screw-on top. After walking up and down all the grocery store aisles, I came to the conclusion there are not too many bottles out there that meet all three requirements!  There are lots of glass bottles in the beer section, unfortunately they all have bottle caps, rather than screw-on tops.  There’re also lots of bottles with the right sized opening and screw-on tops, but they’re often made of plastic.

DIY Glass Spray Bottles for Homemade Cleaners - Make your own spray bottles by using recycled glass bottles

But if you keep looking, you may be able to find a couple!  I found a 16 oz apple cider vinegar bottle that was perfect, and also found an 8.45 oz mineral water (sold in a 6 pack) that worked for these purposes too. {Note: You may need to adjust the size of your favorite homemade cleaner recipes to fit in whatever size bottle you are repurposing – Click here to see more of my homemade cleaners}

Use recycled glass bottles for DIY spray bottles for homemade cleaners

Using Recycled Bottles for DIY Glass Spray Bottles

Once you’ve found bottles that will work, you’ll need to clean them and remove the label. (I’m storing my apple cider vinegar in another jar so that I could start using that bottle right away rather than wait).  I usually find that just water and some good scrubbing will remove most, if not all, of the label.  If there’s any residue left over, I use my homemade goo gone for the final cleaning.

Then, you need to have a spray nozzle top. You can perhaps repurpose one from another spray bottle, or buy a cheap spray bottle just so you can have the nozzle. You may also need to trim the tube of your spray nozzle to fit whatever glass bottle you are using too.

Fill the bottle with the homemade cleaner of your choice, screw the nozzle onto the top of your cleaned and recycled glass bottle, and you’ve made your own glass spray bottle!

DIY Glass Spray Bottles for Homemade Cleaners - Make your own spray bottles by using recycled glass bottles

Remember that it’s important to label your homemade cleaners too. You can check out my printable homemade cleaner cheat sheet for a few recipe ideas AND these can be cut out to use as labels too.  I also put clear packaging tape over any paper labels on my cleaning bottles to protect them from water (things get wet when you’re cleaning!)

DIY Glass Spray Bottles for Homemade Cleaners - Make your own spray bottles by using recycled glass bottles


Other Ideas for DIY Spray Bottles

This isn’t the first time I’ve fiddled around to see what other things a nozzle top will fit onto.

I discovered that the spray nozzles would also fit onto my bottle of hydrogen peroxide and onto my bottle of vinegar, making an easy shortcut for my natural strategy for disinfecting.

How to disinfect naturally using white distilled vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.


AND, a spray nozzle will fit onto a bottle of club soda, making a super quick and simple natural glass and mirror cleaner!

Homemade Window Cleaner

And when I’m not messing around with my spray nozzles, I like to see what kinds of lids fit on mason jars too. 🙂

Make your own creative storage tops for canning jars using tops from items in your pantry

So if you like being thrifty it’s worth taking a moment to see what nozzles or lids might fit with other bottles or jars. You may be surprised at the new combinations and convenient solutions you discover!


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  1. Hi Bev: I do the same thing with glass bottles and also mason jars. I prefer to drink out of glass. I know people drink out of mason jars. I drink out of my 32oz vinegar bottles with a glass straw. If I forget to take the label off, I am asked why I am drinking vinegar! It’s tea!

    1. Oh that’s a good one Rita! If that vinegar label is still on there, I’m sure people would would be confused 🙂 But you’re correct that these glass bottles can be used for beverage containers too.