Christmas Craft Flashback #4 – Mini Spool Tree

The last ornament in my Christmas Craft Flashback is this little tree made from wooden craft spools wrapped with ribbon. It’s a very easy homemade Christmas ornament, and in fact, I made mine with a group of girls at our church several years ago. Even the school age kids were able to make these because it’s basically just gluing the parts together.

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Wooden Spool Christmas Tree Ornament

You will need:
11 mini wooden craft spools 5/8″ size (such as these craft spools)
small amount of 1/2″ wide ribbon in red
small amount of 1/2″ wide ribbon in a red/green plaid
small amount of ribbon for the hanger
a flower shaped craft bead for the “star”
craft glue or glue gun

1. Wrap 5 of the spools with a piece of the red ribbon. You will need about a 1/2″ long piece to wrap around each spool. Secure the ribbon with craft glue or use a glue gun. Be very careful with the glue gun, however, as the spools are tiny and you are bound to get some of the glue on your hands.

2. Wrap the other 6 spools with the plaid ribbon.

3. Next you will glue the ribbon covered spools together starting at the top of your tree. Start with one red spool and glue 2 plaid spools on top of it. The next row is 3 red spools, followed by a row of 4 plaid spools. Then glue one more red spool on the top. (refer to the picture). You now have your “upside down” tree that when you turn it over becomes your assembled ornament.

4. Cut a 6″ piece of thin ribbon for the hanger and glue the ends inside the top red spool.

5. Glue the flower shaped bead on the front of the top spool for a “star”.

I’m sure this tree would look cute in lots of different colors and prints of ribbons and could be a good way to use up those odds and ends of ribbon scraps. Other sizes of spools and ribbon might work too.

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