2019 Free Printable Planner Pages

Update 8/2/19: Click here for the new 2020 Free Printable Planner Pages. If you like this 2019 style but would like an undated perpetual option visit my Planner Resource Page.

Have you ever gone shopping for a weekly planner but nothing was quite what you wanted? And you thought to yourself, I wonder if I can just make my own planner? That’s exactly what went through my mind too a few years ago and so began my journey to make my own planner printables to fit in an Arc notebook and I’ve been loving this method ever since!

And because this method has worked so very well for me, I’m once again sharing these free printables in the hopes that others will find this a convenient and money saving method – AND – a method that’s also useful for keeping track of your week’s activities on a clean and clutter free type of page (the only kind of page that works for me!)

How To Print Your Own Planner

Before I share the pdf’s for the printable planner pages, I always like to give a quick overview of the supplies I use to make my own planner, because having the right supplies really does make the whole process go more smoothly.  It may seem like a lot of supplies when you very first begin, but if you keep using this method as the years go along, it really is a simple way to keep making a homemade planner. Here are the items I like to use:  (Note: Amazon links are affiliate links)

Make your own planner with these free printable weekly planner pages

A Paper Trimmer – These printables are for a half-size planner so they are printed on a regular 8.5×11 size sheet of copy paper and then cut in half. To get a nice clean cut down the middle of the paper, however, I find a paper trimmer VERY helpful. You can usually find these type of paper trimmers in the scrapbooking area of craft stores and could maybe use a 40% off coupon too.
See it on Amazon – – > Portable Paper Trimmer

A Junior size Arc Notebook – What I really love about the Arc notebooks is that they are a disc bound system, which means you can take the pages in and out to your heart’s content and rearrange things around as often as needed.  This was a game changer for me because it allowed me to keep tweaking things as the year went along with the ability to add or remove pages.  The Arc notebooks are available at the Staples office supply stores (I’ve always just used the cheaper poly covers). If you don’t want to use an Arc notebook, a small sized 3 ring binder might also work for these planner pages.
See it on Amazon – – > Arc Junior Size Notebook Poly Cover or the Leather Notebook

A Paper Punch – If you use the Arc system you also need the compatible punch. Sometimes you are able to find the small one page size punch at Staples (which is what I have) and that’s a nice economical option. They also have a larger 8 page punch. Levenger also makes a small punch that works with the Arc notebooks too.
See it on Amazon – – > Arc large paper punch or the Levenger small paper punch

32 Lb Paper – And finally, if you print your own planner you will probably find that it’s nice to have slightly heavier paper.  My current favorite to use is the 32 lb size. (Regular 20 lb paper is fine too, I just find I prefer the heavier stuff).
See it on Amazon – – > 32 Lb 8.5×11 printer paper

Then of course, you need a computer printer to print off the free planner pdf’s below and you’re all set!

A Printable Planner for the 2019 Year

This year I have most of the same layouts as in previous years. I have four color options: For 2019 I decided on three with a pastel watercolor type of look, and one that I’m calling “Business Blue” (so the guys have something to choose from besides teal, peach and lavender) πŸ™‚ And once again, I’m keeping the colors somewhat subtle and minimal because I’m always hopeful that saves on a little bit of printer ink!

Free printable weekly planner pages for the Arc Notebook system

One small change is that I opted to leave off the “meal plan” that was printed on the pages in previous years as I found that was something I wasn’t really using anymore, and I thought the pages were more versatile without it.

This year I also opted not to create separate monthly pages filled in for each month and instead just have the blank month layout spread over 2 pages that you can fill in for any month.  I also have the complete 2019 year on a pdf (see the “Beginning Pages” below) so that page can be helpful in filling out your monthly and weekly page dates too.

My favorite style is still the “Monday Start” version. I love the open vertical columns for writing notes and to-do lists on any given day.

All the pages are designed to be cut down the middle and punched at the outer edges (the punched outer edges then become the inner edges once they are inserted into your notebook).

The pages are also designed for you to write in the current month at the top of the page, and to write in the numbers of the dates of the current week in the small boxes.

The undated “bare bones” options from previous years are included at the end of the list below too if one of my previous styles was more to your liking.

An Important Note About Printing:  When printing your pdf’s of the planner pages in Adobe Reader, either select the option of β€œActual Size” or β€œCustom Scale 100%β€œ.  Often times Adobe Reader defaults to the option of β€œFit” which can add some unwanted white space around the edges of the pages.

I hope you enjoy the free printable weekly planner pages listed below! Feel free to leave me a comment with any feedback or questions. Here’s to an organized 2019!

{ Note: If you would like to purchase a complete dated version, please visit my Etsy Shop }

Free printable weekly planner pages for 20192019 Weekly Page – Vertical Format – Monday Start

Vertical Monday Start – Peach
Vertical Monday Start – Teal
Vertical Monday Start – Lavender
Vertical Monday Start –  Business Blue

Free printable weekly planner pages for 2019

2019 Weekly Page – Vertical Format – Sunday Start

Vertical Sunday Start – Peach
Vertical Sunday Start – Teal
Vertical Sunday Start – Lavender
Vertical Sunday Start – Business Blue

Free printable weekly planner pages for 20192019 Weekly Page – Horizontal Format

Horizontal – Peach
Horizontal – Teal
Horizontal – Lavender
Horizontal – Business Blue
Horizontal – compact size -undated and available in Coral and Turquoise

{ Note: The “compact” size fits the small 5-disc Arc Notebook. Cut the page into four, punch at outside edges. }

2019 Month Over 2 Pages

Month – Sunday Start – Peach
Month – Sunday Start – Teal
Month – Sunday Start – Lavender
Month – Sunday Start – Business Blue

Month – Monday Start – Peach
Month – Monday Start – Teal
Month – Monday Start – Lavender
Month – Monday Start – Business Blue

Free weekly 2019 planner pages for Arc notebooksBeginning Pages

2019 Weekly Planner Cover Page
2019 Year and Holiday List (Option #1)
2019 Year by Quarters and Holiday List (Option #2)

{ Note: The cover page, and 2019 year and holiday list page, are designed to be printed back-to-back on one sheet of paper to be used as the opening pages of your planner if you wish. }

Misc. Pages from Previous Years

Notes Page
Notes Page – Fillable
Class Assignment Chart
Class Assignment Chart – Compact Size
Wide Rule Paper

{ The options below are undated styles from previous years. These links have all the color options lumped together in one pdf file, but you should be able to select just one page for printing if you wish. }

Vertical Monday Start – Undated Style from 2018
Vertical Sunday Start – Undated Style from 2018
Horizontal – Undated Style from 2018

Vertical Monday Start – Undated Style from 2017
Vertical Sunday Start – Undated Style from 2017

2019 free printable planner pages for Arc notebooks

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  1. Hey,
    I found this page super helpful and I appreciate you taking the time to explain the “hack” if you are lacking an appropriate punch as well as making the planner pages free for us to print off.
    I was wondering if you had updated calendar pages for 2020 or 2021?
    Thank You,

  2. Will you be coming out with a 2021 horizontal weekly layout soon. I love the one I was able to print for 2020 and already have dates to write for 2021 to include school calendar? I love the idea of printing with watermarks!!!

    1. Yes, I usually have the pages for the next year ready in late July or early August. Glad you have found them helpful in previous years!

  3. Hi, first and foremost, thanks for taking the time to make this website and freebies. Could you provide me with details to resize for compact size? I’ve used the compact calendar and class assignment printable but would like to print the various options you offer in compact size if possible. Thanks!

  4. Thank you thank you I love your calendar. Was what I really needed. You are wonderful. When will your 2020 be availably?

  5. Love your stuff. My daughter has purchased several things from you. I am putting together a planner for a new teacher and would like to include a year calendar and holidays for both 2019 & 2020. When do you put out the 1/2 page holiday list & calendar for the next year?

  6. Apologies! I needed to put paper into printer in landscape mode so as to achieve correct results for my Junior discbound planner. Thank you again!

  7. So beautiful !!! — but great disappointment when I discovered the monthly calendars print out as 3.75″ by 6″ x 2 — and only on top half of 8.5 x 11″ page — instead of 5.5″ x 8.5″ — therefore of no use to me. Thank you just the same, though — your designs are lovely!

  8. Thank you sososo much for this! Getting one of these for my boss for her birthday and now I can customize it before giving it to her πŸ™‚ thank you!

  9. Thank you so much! I have been looking for exactly this type of planner pages. Bless you and your work ❀️

  10. Thank you so much for providing this. I do print up my own daily pages with a format that works for me but I didn’t have any yearly or monthly pages. I chose the teal because it matches what I have been creating. This completes my 2019 disc planner. I use these disc bound notebooks big and small exclusively now. I subbed you blog.

  11. Love the design & layouts… but I prefer to use a full size 8.5 x 11″ sheet of paper… do you have those layouts anywhere?

    1. Sorry I do not have the 8.5×11 size James, but I’ll keep that in mind and might be able to add it for next year.

  12. Wondering if you could add one of the monthly 2019 on two pages with no design/shading on the headings and date number boxes. I don’t have a color printer and so to print black and white, it would work better for me if they were just black and white. Thanks so much for doing these great pages! It makes building my planner so much easier!

    1. The pages are designed to be cut down the middle and punched on the outside edges, which then become the inside edges. So when you first print them it looks like they start with Thursday, but that will become an inside edge, so it really does start on Monday. πŸ™‚

  13. Thank you for sharing your hard work! You saved me HOURS+ of experiments. Is there a formula/technique for figuring out which way to load the paper for MANUAL two sided printing?

    1. When I print two sided on my HP printer, I have to reinsert the papers with the printed side face up, so that I then can print on their reverse side. The main thing you have to figure out is if your type of printer needs them reinserted face up or face down.

    1. I am not going to be making them any more for this year. However because I’ve gotten requests for them, I will add them back in for next year. I did not realize they would be as missed as they are!

  14. I love your layout. I made calendar I left off year on card stock paper then laminated each one. Then you can use dry erase markers to put year, months, days and notes. Thank you for all your ideas

  15. Lovely work and thank you very much for the downloadable pdf versions:) I was wondering whether you have considered or planning to offer a free pdf for 2-months on one page? Thank you ever so much!

  16. Very nicely done. I have been using the Arc notebooks for ages … started out with the pricier Levenger ones. Here’s a tip … I don’t bother to cut the pages in half. I just fold them in half with the print side out, then punch the open side edges. It makes the pages a little sturdier and saves all that cutting time. You do get an extra half a month/week this way, but when I make mine I usually make two pages. Page one starts with a “cover page” and the month/week on the right side of the page. Page two starts with the 2nd half of the month/week on the left and has the first half of the month/week on the right side. Print one Page 1, and as many Page 2s as you need.

    1. That makes a lot of sense Ann! I have sometimes used a folded page so I could open it again to full size, but never thought to do it the way you suggest. Very creative!