2018 Free Printable Planner Pages

Update 8/4/18:

Click here for the 2019 Free Printable Planner Pages

Last year for the first time I decided to make my own planner. I wanted to be able to see one week at a time, and be able to quickly jot down any reminders and To-Do’s for the day, as well as get a quick overview of my meal plan.  AND, I wanted to save money!  I wanted to come up with a way to print my own planner pages, if and when I wanted them. I’m always skeptical of paying big bucks for a planner, only to find it abandoned in a few months when it wasn’t quite what I wanted.

Free Printable Planner Pages for Arc Notebooks - 2018 (and perpetual undated options too!) 3 styles and 6 color options available.

I was on the right track when I decided to make my own planner and so far my planner pages have been something I’ve stuck with and actually use. I’ve gotten in the habit of just leaving my planner laying open on my bedroom dresser and I look at it every morning when I’m getting dressed and beginning my day. Here’s a photo of my homemade planner in its natural habitat doing its usual thing. 🙂

How to use an Arc Notebook system with free printable planner pages to save money on planners

A truth I’ve come to realize is that the more I ask or expect my planner to do, the less I will use it. It’s just too overwhelming.  I just need open space for writing reminders.  I think that’s what many others are looking for too in their hopes to not forget things and/or stay productive during their week. The less visual clutter the better. Just help me remember stuff please.

Because I had a hunch there might be a few other folks like me out there, I decided last year to make my free printable planner pages available for others to print and use too.  I got some good feedback (thank you!) and some suggestions and requests too, so I’ve decided to create some more free printable planner pages for 2018.

Make your own planner - Free printable planner pages in a weekly format

Staying Organized in 2018

Perhaps you found my approach to planner pages helpful too and maybe you’ve been using the ones I created for 2017.  If you did, then I hope you’ll like these pages for 2018.  They’re the same type of layout as last year, just with some new colors and styling, and with “2018” printed on them.  I’ve also added a few more options based on reader requests as well as some undated perpetual “bare bones” options that you can use anytime.

These pages are for a half-size planner (although I do have a new option for a compact size too).  I use the Arc Notebook system, in the junior size, and love it. It’s been a frugal way for me to make my own planner.  Here’s a quick list of the supplies I use:

Arc Junior Size Notebook – This is a 7-disc notebook that lets you take papers in and out as needed. Regular 8.5 x 11 printer paper, which you then cut in half, fits perfectly in these junior notebooks.  You do, however need the right kind of paper punch to insert your own planner pages into these notebooks.

Arc Small Punch –  I was my usual frugal self and bought a small punch for just one page at a time.  I found mine at Staples, however this Levenger punch is the same thing.  You can also buy the Arc 40 page punch if you want the ability to punch more pages at a time.

Paper Cutter – A good paper cutter is super helpful when making your own planner and I highly recommend getting one. You can usually find these at craft stores too at a reasonable price and perhaps use their popular 40% off coupons.

32 Lb paper – I’ve come to really like paper that’s a bit heavier for printing my planner pages and the 32 Lb is my current favorite.

2018 Free printable planner pages - make your own planner using the Arc Notebook System - perpetual undated options too!

2018 Free Printable Planner Pages

Just as I did last year, I like to have four color options for my planner so I can change colors with the seasons.  This year I did Mint Green for winter, Lilac for spring, Turquoise for summer, and Coral for fall. I’ve also added a couple new color options that are “guy-friendly” and more business oriented: Navy and Burgundy.

2018 Free Printable Planner Pages - Print Your Own Planner!

Here’s a quick list of the styles and options I have available the 2018 year, with the complete list of pdf links for printing to follow:

Vertical Weekly Format – Monday Start (My Favorite!)
Vertical Weekly Format – Sunday Start
Horizontal Weekly Format – only Monday start available for this one
Horizontal Weekly Format – Compact size (New!)
One month on Two Pages – (New!)
Monthly Calendar Pages – To use as a group or to insert individually before each month’s weekly pages
Monthly Calendar Pages – to print back-to-back and use as a group
Cover Page and Year-By-Quarters
Year Calendar and List of U.S. Holidays (I print this back to back with the cover page sheet above)
Perpetual “Bare Bones” Options – (New!) No dates pre-printed so you can use for any month or any year
Class Assignment Chart – (New!) A reader request
Notes Page – (New!) Fillable pdf format too for typing in notes first and then printing

OK, there’s the list so you could make a quick overview of what you might like to print.  Here now is the complete list of links for clicking and printing out your pdf files. (Printing your pages back-to-back will ideally be how you want to set up most of your planner pages. You may have to experiment a few times with your printer to get your paper orientation correct for reinserting the paper into your printer again to print on the back side.)  These pages are also designed for you to write in the name of the month, and write in the dates in the little boxes for each week.

Update December 2017:  When printing your pdf’s of the planner pages, either select the option of “Actual Size” or “Custom Scale 100%“.  Often times Adobe Reader defaults to the option of “Fit” which can add some unwanted white space around the edges of the pages.

Update February 2018: You can also purchase a printable planner with all the dates filled in at my Etsy Shop- – >  West Window Studio

2018 Weekly Page – Vertical Format – Monday Start
{ cut down the middle and punch at the outside edges, includes “Meal Plan” on the pastels, No “Meal Plan” on the Business Colors }

Vertical Monday Start – Mint
Vertical Monday Start – Lilac
Vertical Monday Start – Turquoise
Vertical Monday Start – Coral
Vertical Monday Start – Business Navy
Vertical Monday Start – Business Burgundy

2018 Weekly Page – Vertical Format – Sunday StartMake your own planner - Free printable planner pages in a weekly format
{ cut down the middle and punch at the outside edges, includes “Meal Plan” on the pastels, No “Meal Plan” on the Business Colors }

Vertical Sunday Start – Mint
Vertical Sunday Start – Lilac
Vertical Sunday Start – Turquoise
Vertical Sunday Start – Coral
Vertical Sunday Start – Business Navy
Vertical Sunday Start – Business Burgundy


2018 Weekly Page – Horizontal Format (Only Monday Start Option Available)
{ cut down the middle and punch at the outside edges, includes “Meal Plan” on the pastels, No “Meal Plan” on the Business Colors }

Free printable planner page for Arc Compact size and Arc Junior Size Notebooks

Horizontal – Mint
Horizontal – Lilac
Horizontal – Turquoise
Horizontal – Coral
Horizontal – Business Navy
Horizontal – Business Burgundy

New! Horizontal layout to fit the small 5-disc “Compact” size Arc Notebooks, available in two colors  { Cut the page into four, punch at outside edges }

Horizontal Compact – Turquoise
Horizontal Compact – Coral

Free printable planner pages - monthly and weekly formats for Arc Junior notebooks2018 Monthly Options

Month on 2 pages – Mint
Month on 2 pages – Lilac
Month on 2 pages – Turquoise
Month on 2 pages – Coral
Month on 2 pages – Business Navy
Month on 2 pages – Business Burgundy

2018 Monthly Calendars (NOT back-to-back) {punch at the middle cut}
2018 Monthly Calendars (To use as a group and print back-to-back) {punch at the middle cut, the page printed on the reverse side should look “upside down” when you turn it over, before cutting }

Monthly planner pages for Arc junior size notes - free printables!

Make your own planner - Free printable planner pages in a weekly formatExtra Pages

Cover page and 2018 year by quarters
2018 year and U.S. Holiday List
Class Assignment Chart (New!)
Class Assignment Chart – compact size (New!)
Notes Page (New!)
Notes Page – Fillable  (New!)

free printable planner pages, includes class assignment page and notes page

Perpetual “Bare Bones” Undated Options
{ These options have all the colors lumped together as one pdf file, however you should be able to select just one page of the pdf for printing if you choose to }

Vertical Monday Start – Undated Bare Bones
Vertical Sunday Start – Undated Bare Bones
Horizontal – Undated Bare Bones

Vertical Monday Start – Undated style from 2017
Vertical Sunday Start – Undated style from 2017

Here’s to another organized, frugal, and colorful year full of homemade goodness!

Free printable planner pages for 2018 in six color options


Free Printable Planner Pages for Arc Notebooks - 2018 (and perpetual undated options too!) 3 styles and 6 color options available.

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    1. Yes, I like to keep things simple and I’m glad I can provide that for others who think the same way too!

  1. I really like your monthly calendars. I tried making them myself, but I couldn’t get the correct measurements. I couldn’t fit two months on the same page. Will you be making those again?

  2. I have entered the realm of the Arc discbound notebook. I have several, and really like your ideas here. These planners are for the junior size. Do you have the same planner prints for the full size notebook?

  3. Hi! Thank you for these printables! Such a Blessing!! I am having trouble finding the 2019 QUARTERLY SEASONS FORMAT staring on Mondays to match the 2018. Can I ask for help?

  4. I absolutely love your templates!! They are exactly what I’ve been looking for! Besides the monthly and weekly planner sheets, I’m wanting to print some of your note pages. Is there a difference between your Notes Page and Notes Page -Fillable?

    Thank you so much!

    1. So glad you like the pages Stephanie! The fillable Notes page is a pdf where you are able to type into the fields on your computer. Some folks had asked for this, to create a page of typewritten reminder notes. The regular Notes page is just a printable page to insert into your planner for jotting notes the good old fashioned way . . . with a pen or pencil. 🙂

  5. I just found your site and I could just hug you to death. Thank you for sharing these wonderful printables.

  6. Are 2019 calendars available yet? Thanks for sharing this! It’s ridiculous what the companies charge for a few sheets of paper!

  7. I’m a Bev, too. I like the idea of your planner. I wasn’t too sold on the arc idea – always looks like it might get in the way, but I was willing to give it a go. I followed your link to the supplies, but Staples is out and and is not sure if they are ever going to carry that size again. So, I thought I would let you know – especially since you are coming up on the time of year when folks will be planning for 2018…So, you may want to change your link…

    1. Thanks, I have updated the link for the Arc notebook. They discontinue certain cover designs after awhile and add new ones, so the link now goes to one of the newer available cover designs. The junior size Arc notebooks should still be available in Staples stores too.

    1. I try to have the pages ready for the next year by early August. I will put something out in my weekly newsletter when they are ready. 🙂

  8. Hello,

    I absolutely love your site and these are all amazing!!! I am so sad that I have a full size arc planner. I know you don’t currently have anything full size, but if you ever have the time to convert any of these to the wider size, that would be amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing work with the internet! =)

  9. Thank you so much Bev for sharing your planner!!! I like the simplicity of the layout yet it has just the right pop of color to make it not boring. Would you consider making pages for a “to do” list and a “shopping” list? Thank you again for your time in creating these!

  10. I love the planners that you have designed. They are plan and simple and very user friendly. I love the arc system and have used it for a couple of years now. The best is the “vertical format!” Just wondering if you would ever consider the “vertical format” in letter size with one week per page and the rings on the top? And fill able?

  11. Awesome! Thank you so much for your time and for offering these for free! I don’t like too much “noise” on the pages but wanted something with a bit of color. I love the simple layout and the colors.

    1. So glad these are something you can use Kathy. I thought there might be a few other folks out there that like things a little more clean and simple like I do.

  12. While I love your page options, what I really need are some dividers for each month. I like being able to see where the months are at a glance and then be able to turn directly to a month in the future to write down appointments or events easily without having to shuffle through all the pages to finally find the desired month. Your DIY option of using regular file dividers cut down to size doesn’t really work for this as the tabs are too long for just a short month. i’m totally surprised how difficult it has been tracking down this resource, as well as being totally surprised my purchase of a set of preprinted monthly/weekly notebook pages did not include these monthly divider pages. Any ideas to help with this?

    1. One possible solution is that Avery makes index tabs that you can stick on the side of any page and insert your own label. You could then make your own monthly divider pages. I have seen these for sale at Staples or on their website. You could stick these on the pages where your new months begin, and type up labels with the names of the months to insert into them. Or, you could cut insert pages to any size you wish to use as dividers, and stick these tabs on the side.

    2. I don’t know if you’ve found a solution yet, but I use write-on tab dividers. I place my cover flush to the outer edge of the tab, then cut it down accordingly. It doesn’t leave an over hang outside of the covers. I glue the monthly calendar to the divider, but that’s just my preference.

  13. Am I doing something wrong? It doesn’t appear to be enough room between the images when I print to punch and not get the image on the right in the punch….Does that make any sense? 🙂 Thanks for these, I’m so glad I found them!

    1. When you are printing the pdf in Adobe Reader, you want the print option of either “Actual Size” or “Custom Scale 100%” to be selected. Often times it defaults to “Fit” and that can add some unwanted white space around the edges. I hope that might be the solution for you!

      1. Thank you for sharing these ideas. I love my arc notebook and my daughter wants one as well with calendar pages. I paid for mine and appreciate this option.
        Do you have any other ideas for printing? I have tried both settings when printing the pdf but still have the white edges and middle to close to one another for punching?

  14. Wow! I was just thinking how nice it would be to be able to make my own calendar pages for my ARC organizer. They do not sell the calendar package at Staples in Canada for some reason and I have to order them from the states. With the exchange and shipping, it is not inexpensive. As I was searching for the website to order a new calendar – low and behold – I came across your website with this amazing solution. Thanks so much!

  15. I love these pages like you I print my own pages and for my punch I got the happy planner punch from Michaels and uawed their coupon and its was way cheaper than the ARC one I just used a sharpie to mark where the pages go

    1. Interesting that you made the Happy Planner punches work on the Arc notebooks. I love those 40% coupons for sure!