• You Will Need:
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Cotton Balls

Summer time is when most people look for help and advice on getting rid of ants in the house.

Not Me.

We do battle with the ants in the winter.  The colder and snowier it is, the bigger the problem.  As far as we can figure things out, they have an underground nest next to our basement wall where the furnace is, and the warmth draws them into the house.  Pesky Ants!

And so once again as our temperatures here in Michigan dipped down into the single digits last week, the invasion began.  They’re the teeny tiny ants and the first place we spot them is always around our fireplace hearth.

In years past we’ve always relied on D-Con Ant Killer.  And this year I might have done the same thing – except I looked all around the house and couldn’t find it!  BUT – what a blessing in disguise that turned out to be because I discovered a natural remedy that works just as well, maybe even better!

Ant Repellant

Using Peppermint Essential Oil To Get Rid of Ants

To get rid of the ants I put about 5 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil on a cotton ball and then wiped it around the edge of the fireplace hearth where it looked like they they were coming in.  I then left the cotton ball near that area too, to help keep the smell of peppermint around.

Yeah, the room smelled a  bit peppermint-y.  But it was actually quite pleasant and was a HUGE improvement over the smell of a commercial ant killer spray.

So how did it work?  Pretty darn awesome.  I didn’t see any ants until a few days later when I spotted just a couple random ones hanging about.  So I repeated the peppermint oil treatment again and that seemed to do the trick.   So far, I’m VERY HAPPY with this new method and I’m willing to repeat it every few days if that’s what works.

More Natural Remedies To Get Rid of Ants

If you’d like to get rid of ants naturally, here are some more ideas to try:

1.  Other Essential Oils.   I chose the peppermint oil, but if you have another fragrant essential oil, give it a try.   The scents make it hard for the ants to follow their trails, and the smells may be unpleasant to them too.

2.  Cinnamon.  Cinnamon is said to be one of the scents that repels ants.  Try sprinkling some ground cinnamon around the area where you want to keep ants away.

3.  Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, or Chili Pepper.    These strong smells can also discourage ants from coming around and can be sprinkled in the area where the ants are a problem.

4. Vinegar.   Here’s another strong smell that ants hate and that will remove the smell of their trails.  You can put some vinegar on a cotton ball and wipe it around, or if you are using vinegar and water as an all purpose cleaner, spray some around the area where you want to discourage the ants.

5.  Chalk or Baby Powder.     You can also try making a barrier with chalk or baby powder which naturally repel ants.

I’m pretty jazzed about my new peppermint oil discovery and would love to hear if anyone else has a favorite natural home remedy for getting rid of pesky ants.   Please share with a comment if you do!


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