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If you’re a knitter or crocheter, you may have found yourself in the predicament where you feel like starting a new yarn project, but don’t really have anything in particular you need. So you knit another dishcloth, or maybe ten more dishcloths. 🙂 Can you relate? One of the answers to this predicament is to knit for charity and give the items away to someone in need.

10 ways to donate your knit or crochet items to charity

Knitters and crocheters seem to be a generous group of people and because I have a few knitting patterns here on my blog, I’ve been asked several times if I know of organizations that might accept knitted donations.  Sometimes I give advice to check out a local yarn shop if possible as they often know of local possibilities for donations.

But for many folks, a local yarn shop isn’t an option and therefore I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of national organizations that take donations of knitted or crocheted items for a variety of good causes. Some of these organizations accept many types of items and others are more specific in what they want donated. Some are not fussy about patterns, while others have requirements of only using the patterns they provide.  Some of them have local chapters while others just ask that items be sent to their headquarters.

So in no particular order, here are 10 organizations for you to check out.  Many of them are possibilities for using up your leftover yarns too (something knitters and crocheters love to do!) Perhaps one of these groups will be the perfect answer for you and you’ll be able to knit or crochet to your heart’s content and bless others too!

How to knit for charity - 10 organizations for donating knit or crochet items

#1 Little Hats Big HeartsRed hats for babies born in February

Update December, 2019 – Per the AHA website, this program has been discontinued. A possible alternative is knitting purple baby hats for the Click For Babies program.

This project is part of the American Heart Association. Hats are knitted or crocheted for newborn babies in the color red to raise awareness of congenital heart defects in newborns. The hats are only collected at certain times of the year (their website suggests checking in the late summer or early fall) and the hats are then distributed to hospitals for use in the month of February. If you have an interest and need a pattern, my newborn knit hat pattern would be ideal, and looks cute in red too!

#2 Project LinusBlankets for needy children

Project Linus collects homemade blankets to distribute to needy children, and the blankets can be crafted in many ways whether it be knit, crochet, quilted, or tied fleece.  Links to patterns are available on their site too.

#3 Knitted Knockers – Prosthetics for breast cancer survivors

When you visit the Knitted Knockers site, you’ll find several very inspirational videos to watch, and you’ll be anxious to knit up some knockers! This project is all about making breast prosthetics for breast cancer survivors that are more soft, comfortable, and lightweight than what is usually offered through the medical community. And because they are given away for free, they are a great solution for those that might not be able to afford something else.  They have several patterns available and if you can simply knit them up using one of their approved yarns and send them, their experts will take care of the seaming and stuffing.

#4 Alice’s EmbracePrayer shawls and lap blankets for those with Alzheimers

The soft touch of a hand made shawl or lap blanket can be a comfort to a person suffering from Alzheimers.  Both their shawls and blankets are simple shapes to create too. The pattern page on this site is a beautiful gallery of different stitches, with links to patterns for how those stitches can be created into either a shawl or a lap blanket.

#5 Mother Bear Project – Knit bears for children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa

These knit bears are a comforting gift given to children in Africa affected by HIV/Aids. This organization asks that all bears be knit using their pattern so that all children receive the same type of bear. The pattern is purchased for a donation of $5 to help assist their charity. Crochet patterns are also available.

Knit square for charity

#6 Knit-a-Square 8″ squares made into blankets in South Africa for needy children

Even beginners can contribute to this project that collects 8″ knitted or crocheted squares that are sent to South Africa where they are assembled and distributed to those in need. Even just a simple garter stitch knitted square is good! Their website states that it takes about 35 squares to make a blanket and they are always in need of more squares. They also accept donations of handmade hats, handwarmers and soft toys. Several patterns are on their site as well.

#7 Warm Up America – Variety of knitted and crocheted items

Warm Up America is another organization that accepts squares that will be assembled into blankets, however they accept other items too.  At the time of this writing their website states that they are always accepting finished afghans of any size, adult hats, scarves, and baby clothing. So if you already have a favorite pattern for an item in one of those categories that you like to make, this organization is a good possibility for donating.

#8 Magic Yarn Project – Yarn princess and pirate wigs for children fighting cancer

For children battling cancer, the chemotherapy can leave their young scalps too sensitive to wear traditional wigs. These yarn crafted wigs based on Disney characters are a playful and magical answer to that problem! Donation possibilities include the crochet beanies that are the base of the wigs, as well as donations of some of the crocheted embellishments including snowflakes, tiaras, and starfish.  Several patterns are available on their site.

#9 Warm Hands Network – Warm items sent to needy in cold northern Canadian locations

Warm items for those in need are always appreciated, but the need can be even greater in the cold northern regions of Canada. This organization collects, hats, mittens, neck warmers (they do not accept scarves), socks, sweaters, vests, and blankets. I did note in one area of the site it stated “we always get tons of hats and very few neck warmers” so if a neck warmer is something you are inspired to knit, I’m sure it would be welcomed.  Several patterns are available on their site, including one for a neck warmer.

#10 Comfort for CrittersBlankets to comfort animals in shelters

And finally, let’s not forget our furry friends that can use the comfort of a soft knitted item too. Comfort for Critters collects small handmade blankets to donate to animal shelters. You can either bring your items directly to an organization on their list of participating shelters, or send your finished items to their headquarters. Several patterns are available on this site too.

How to donate knit and crochet items to charity

I hope you found an inspirational charity on this list that speaks to your heart and that fills your desire to knit or crochet or craft for someone else. If you know of other organizations to add to this list, feel free to let me know with a comment below.

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  1. I volunteer for a charity called Gifts for the Unborn. We give free gift packets to pregame my centers and sidewalk counselors as the first baby gift for pregnant moms. We put a pair of baby booties in every packet. We use about 10,000 pair per year! You can send booties to : Gifts for the Unborn, 6 w Raymond ave, Danville, IL 61832. Thanks!!

  2. Thank you so much for providing this list. I have supplied family members with all of the afghans they can use and needed knitting ideas.

  3. During lock down I have knitted a few blankets and children’s cardigans but have no where to send them.

  4. Wonderful and fulfilling excuses to add more yarn to your current yarn stash <3 Thank you for the informative article on charities to knit for. I can't wait to get more involved.

  5. I am looking to donate knitting supplies. Its a good sized box of new yarns. I live in Citrus Heights Ca , is there anyone locally in the greater Sacramneto area?

  6. I have been knitting shawls for cancer patients. I have been using thicker yarn for warmth. However I received various thinner yarn from friends as a donation. It’s not acceptable for shawls by their standards. Is there a project or charity that I can make using this thinner yarn?

    1. Perhaps one of the organization that accepts knitted squares (that they make into blankets) would be something that would still work with this yarn. Perhaps you could also use the yarn double if you are just making squares. Here is the link for the Warm Up America Facebook page which might be helpful for you.

  7. whilst in lockdown i have knitted quite a few small dolls. I now need to find them homes. could you suggest an organisation i could donate them to. Please. I don’t seem to be able to stop and the spare bedroom is now getting overun with them

    1. #6 on this list (the Knit-A-Square group) also accepts “cuddly knit toys” so they might be a possibility for a donation of knit dolls.

  8. Where can I donate a large amount of yarn? I am downsizing and would like someone to be able to use the yarn I have. Will be happy to mail it anywhere it could be used.Thank you in advance for your reply.

    1. My name is Nancy Ohare and I live in a small fishing community in rural Alaska I am retired and knit and crochet mostly novelty items. Much of what I make I donate. It is a challenge to get supplies and I am always looking for yarn. Mostly 4 ply knitting worsted weight

  9. Hello…I am the Founder of S.A.C.K. (Supporting A Community with Kindness), a 501c3 nonprofit organization where people crochet/knit sacks and then donate them (with a bar of soap in each one) to homeless shelters, food pantries veterans clinics and relief efforts. For more information, please check out our website (www.soapsacks) and Facebook page (SoapSACK). Thank you!

  10. Thank you, Bev for the baby hat pattern. And also thank you for the suggestions for
    knitting for charity. I will research several of them and make a decision. I am always looking for a project this time of year. The 8 # squares look like a good project that my granddaughter would like to share with me.

      1. Hi I don’t know how old this is but I am knitting for animal rescue I would love some yarn if you have any left

  11. Bev! What a great post! And thanks to Barbara for your comment with other suggestions.

    Knitting and crocheting quiets my mind after a week of fast paced mental work and quick deadline decision making. I enjoy the fast small projects that give me a feeling of accomplishment, while taking my mind off of work. As you said, how many dish cloths and coasters can one person create? I was looking for something more when I found your post. I had no idea there were so many charity sites wanting to use our knitting to care for so many others!

    Thank you for posting this extensive list of worthy causes that can use the lovingly created donations of knitters and crocheters of this world.

  12. I like to knit/crochet baby things. I donate to Warm Hearts Warm Babies in Colorado, Bundles of Love in Minnesota, and Sewing for Babies in Nebraska. There’s also a great national organization that crafts for babies in hospitals called Carewear. You should be able to google any of them. And how could I forget Click for Babies, which donates handmade purple baby caps for child abuse prevention/awareness?

    1. Thanks so much for sharing those additional suggestions Barbara – They all look like wonderful organizations! Bless you for using your skills to donate to others. 🙂

  13. I knit and crochet. You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to make things but have no one to give them to. This site was amazing.

    1. I’m glad you found this list helpful Linda! It gave me several ideas too for things I can easily make when the urge to do some knitting hits.

      1. i have just taken up knitting again after a very very long time, i have knitted loads of toys and now they are over running the house lol,i have even made a 4ft elephent that was my first go at anything like that, i was knitting the toys to sell them but nothing is selling very well, so thought i would give charities a try, and i then came across your list, so i will have another look at them and see which one or more im going for,i also do blankets, toys, hats gloves thanks for showing this diane xx