Homemade Chocolate Covered Cherries – Were An Epic Failure


I had such big plans.

I was going to make some awesome homemade chocolate covered cherries.  It was going to be perfect timing for Valentine’s Day.  Hubby was going to be so impressed with  my decadent and delicious homemade treat.

Instead I presented him with these:

Happy Valentine's Day Honey!  Look what I made for you!

Ummm, here you go honey . . . . I love you!

Yup, the homemade chocolate covered cherries were an epic failure.

chocolate cherryI had pinned this recipe  called “Better Than Store Bought Chocolate Covered Cherries” onto my Pinterest Board and was anxious to try it.  Don’t they look delicious?  And the recipe sounded pretty easy too.  I gathered my supplies and got busy in the kitchen.

Things started off smoothly.  Fondant made?  Check.

Cherries drained and spread out to cool in the freezer?  Check.

Next step:  “Wrap the cherries in the fondant, forming a tight ball.”

A tight ball?  Ehhh.

How about a weird sticky ball?  Check.

chocolate cherries 2

I kept plugging along.

“Return cherries to tray and freeze again for an hour.”  Oh good, I can do that. Check.

And then the next step was just to melt some chocolate chips and dip those babies in there.  Anybody can do that, right?

Yeah, sure.  And I have the picture to prove it.

chocolate cherries 3


What went wrong?  Beats  me.  But from now on we will not be making our own chocolate covered cherries.

I wonder if Hubby would like a nice steak dinner for Valentine’s Day instead?

I sure hope so.


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  1. I have made home made chocolate covered cherries before but not like that. I used a plastic mold and brushed the chocolate on the bottom and sides and set it in the freezer for a few seconds to firm and then added a cherry at room temp and a liquid fondant and then spooned a little chocolate over this to cover the top trying not to let the fondant leak out and tapped the mold to smooth the chocolate and placed in the freezer to firm. Then take out of the freezer and tap the mold gently upside down on a hard surface to unfold the candy. My always turned out great.

  2. I’ve never made chocolate covered cherries, but I used to make chocolate covered strawberries as an after school treat for my kids. Using a double boiler and LOW heat, add about 1/4 bar of parrafin wax (found in the canning section) to your chocolate. Pierce the cherries with a toothpick and use it for dipping in the chocolate. Place them on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper and put them in the freezer for about an hour to set. Let us know if you try again! 😉

  3. Although I’m sorry you were so disappointed in the results after so much work, the story was hilarious! I have a recipe that dips frozen coconut balls in melted chocolate chips that adds a tablespoon or so of Crisco to the melted chocolate, and they dip more easily. I only make them once a year at Christmas, though because it takes so long!

    1. I’m thinking the chocolate was part of the problem too. When the cold cherries and fondant hit the chocolate, I think it made the chocolate hard again. Some crisco or something probably keeps it smoother.

  4. I made some Almond Joy candies that looked like dog “presents” but tasted great. I don’t know how people make their food look so good.

  5. Disappointing for you that the chocolates weren’t a success; however, it was most refreshing to see some one post about a failure – kudos to you! My mom used to make her own chocolates that were better than store bought ones … I never tried her recipe since it was so much work. If I still have her recipe would you like it? I recall that she added melted wax to her melted chocolate. 🙂

  6. I can ONLY laugh because this would SO happen to me! Everyone raves about those now famous cake ball things on a stick. When I made them they looked horrendous since they needed to be dipped too. I stay away from anything dipped. Anything!