DIY For Dummies (Just 2 Ingredients!) – 8th Edition

Welcome to the 8th edition of my annual DIY for Dummies list!  Every summer during my vacation week, I like to take a quick look back at the previous year and find some of the easiest ideas I’ve shared.  These are the recipes that can be made by just combining a couple things and you’re done!

Quick and simple ideas are always my favorites. Time is a precious commodity and if we can make homemade items that enrich our lives and solve our problems – AND do it without much muss or fuss and without wasting our time – those are the ideas that often stick and that we find ourselves making again and again.  I always remind myself that “Homemade Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated” and I like to put this annual list together to help reinforce that idea too.

You can check out my previous DIY for Dummies lists too for even more 2 ingredient inspiration.  Enjoy!

Super easy 2 ingredient DIY recipes that anyone can make!


1 – Vodka + Essential Oils = DIY Poo Spray

Homemade Spray Before You Go Poo Spray


2 – Baking Soda + Hair Conditioner = Play Snow

Make your own play snow with two simple household ingredients


3 – Flour + Vital Wheat Gluten = Homemade Bread Flour


4 – Fresh Herbs + Microwave = DIY Dried Spices

How to dry herbs in the microwave


5 – Baking Soda + Olive Oil = Homemade Goo Gone

Recipe for homemade Goo Gone using easy items you already have in the kitchen


6 – Ground Flax Seed + Water = DIY Egg Replacement

How to use ground flax seed to replace an egg in baking recipes


7 – Lemon Juice + Water = Easy Way To Keep Apple Slices Fresh


8 – Dried Beans + Water = DIY Low Sodium Beans in the Crockpot

How to cook beans - make your own beans with this easy crockpot method and save money too!


9 – Reeses Peanut Butter Cups + Hershey Kisses = Mini Christmas Trees

How to make mini Christmas trees


10 – Club Soda + Stur Water Enhancer = Copycat La Croix Water

Quick Hack for DIY La Croix Water


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