DIY For Dummies (Just 2 Ingredients!) – 5th Edition


Easy DIY ideas with only 2 ingredients

It’s my vacation week out at Lake Michigan and has been my usual practice for the last few years, I take a little break from my usual writing and instead do a look back at some of the previous ideas I’ve shared.

I call this annual list of 10 ideas my DIY for Dummies list (not because I think you are all nothing but dummies of course), but because it’s a list of do-it-yourself ideas that are just a simple combination of a couple things.  I’m still calling this my “two ingredient” list even though as the years have gone by some of the ideas are less about food ingredients and are more about just needing a couple main items to complete the project.

My hope is that this list is a good reminder that making your own creations need not always be a daunting process.  Sometimes all it takes are just a couple things and a creative spirit to get the job done.


1.  Greek Yogurt + Self Rising Flour = Homemade Pizza Crust

how to make homemade pizza crust


2.  Coffee Filters + Loose Tea Leaves = Homemade Tea Bags

Make your own tea bags


3.  Old Sweater + Pillow Form = Homemade Sweater Pillow

supplies to make a pillow from a sweater


4.  Electrical Tape + Wine Glasses = Pumpkin Face Glasses

jack-o-lantern pumpkin face drinking glass decorations


5.  White Sugar + Dawn Hand Renewal Soap = DIY Satin Hands Scrub

Make your own skin softening hand scrub like Satin Hands


6.  Kool Aid + Hard Boiled Eggs = Colorful Easter Eggs

How to dye Easter eggs with Kool Aid


7.  Butter + Grapeseed Oil = DIY Butter Spread

Homemade Butter Spread


8.  Wool Yarn + Dryer = DIY Dryer Balls

Basket of homemade wool dryer balls


9.  Your Handwriting + Computer Scanner = Make Your Own Font

How to make your own font


10.  Heavy Whipping Cream + Food Processor = Homemade Butter

How to make butter in a food processor


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