DIY For Dummies {Just 2 Ingredients} – 10th Edition

It’s been 10 years since I put together my first “DIY for Dummies” list, a fun little roundup of some of my previous posts that only required two ingredients. Since then, it’s become an annual summer tradition!

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When it comes to homemade, I always gravitate toward the simple yet functional ideas and recipes because let’s face it – if something is time consuming or complicated to make, most of us won’t do it. And rightly so! Time is a valuable resource that needs to be used wisely which is why I’m always on the lookout for quick and easy recipes.

Easy two ingredient homemade recipes

So here once again is another list of quick and fun ideas that only use two main supplies to get the job done. I hope you find some inspiration and remember . . . if you can put a couple things together, then you can do it!

1: Water + Fabric Softener = Anti-Static Dryer Spray
Keep your clothing soft and static free with this quick mixture you can use instead of dryer sheets.

Homemade Soft Scrub

2: Baking Soda + Murphy’s Oil Soap = DIY Sink Scrub
A simple and frugal way to get a shiny sink!

make your own tomato cage bird bath

3: Tomato Cage + Pot Saucer = DIY Bird Bath
An inexpensive way to decorate your garden with a bird bath.

How to get stains off whiteboards

4: Magic Eraser + Rubbing Alcohol = Easy Whiteboard Cleaner
This homemade trick finally got rid of stubborn marks on my whiteboard.

Homemade Stress Balls

5: Balloon + Flour = Homemade Stress Balls
Kids love these too especially when you decorate them with funny faces and some yarn hair.

recipe for dip made with cream cheese and salsa

6: Cream Cheese + Salsa = Quick & Tasty Dip for Chips
This one is a favorite at our house!

7: Sock + Swiffer = DIY Swiffer Cover
A super fast way to make your own swiffer cover. (This post includes other ideas too, including patterns for knitting and sewing your own swiffer covers)

Homemade oat flour

8: Oats + Blender = Homemade Oat Flour
A frugal way to make your own oat flour to use as a gluten-free option.

How to make homemade microwave popcorn bags

9: Brown Bag + Popcorn Kernels = Homemade Microwave Popcorn Bags
Skip the greasy store-bought bags and just make your own!

How to make colorful Easter eggs

10: Wet Paper Towel + Food Coloring = Tie Dye Easter Eggs
This is a simple method that the little ones can help with too.

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  1. These are amazing and very useful. We just ordered Swifter covers, so from now on I can use your suggestions. Thanks for sharing

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