DIY For Dummies (Just 2 Ingredients!) – 6th Edition


DIY For Dummies - Easy homemade ideas with just 2 ingredients!

Since the early days of this blog, I’ve been doing an annual “DIY For Dummies” list.  It began as a way to share some of my most simple ideas that used only two ingredients, and I’ve continued on with the tradition every year!

I even surprise myself sometimes, that every year I’m able to look back and find a new group of ideas with only two ingredients (although this year I only came up with 9 on the list instead of my usual 10). And as the years have gone by I’ve expanded my definition of “ingredients” a little bit too, to include projects that use just two basic supplies.

My hope every year is to share the reminder that homemade doesn’t have to be complicated. Often times it’s just a matter of knowing how to use a couple of ordinary items in a new way to create a simple DIY solution.

So here’s the 6th Edition of the annual DIY for Dummies list . . . Enjoy!

1. Washcloths + Fabric Softener = Homemade Dryer Softener Sheets

Make your own anti-static dryer sheets - DIY dryer sheets are cheap and easy, and they work great too!


2.  Dry Roasted Peanuts + Food Processor = Homemade Peanut Butter

Homemade peanut butter is simple to make - you just need peanuts and a food processor! Includes step-by-step photos to show the stages the peanuts go through on their way to becoming peanut butter.


3.  Whole  Wheat Flour + Vegetable Oil = Homemade Play Sand for Kids

Make your own play sand (moon sand) - easy to do with just flour and oil!


4.  Fork +  Ribbon = Easy Method to Make Bows

fork bow 200


5.  Plain Yogurt + Muslin Material = Homemade Cream Cheese (Labneh)

Learn how to make yogurt cheese, a quick and simple homemade substitute for cream cheese (also known as Labneh)


6.  Food Grade Mineral Oil + Beeswax = Homemade Wooden Cutting Board Conditioner

Make your own wood cutting board conditioning cream


7.  Picture Frames + Markers = DIY Dry Erase Boards

dry erase board 200


8.  Vinegar + Hydrogen Peroxide = Homemade Disinfecting Duo
**** Note:  These two are used separately and are NOT mixed together **

How to disinfect naturally using white distilled vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.


9.  Water + Vinegar = Homemade Wallpaper Remover

How to make a homemade wallpaper remover using vinegar and water


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