How To Make A Vanilla Air Freshener Spray


Some people love those store bought air freshener sprays.

Not Me.

I think they’re too strong and they make me want to cough.  I’m just not a fan.  Sorry.

So what do I do if I want to add a welcoming scent to a room?  I make my own vanilla air freshener spray instead!

air freshener spray 2

This recipe came about quite by accident for me.  I started out trying to make a spray with some essential oils but just wasn’t finding a combination that satisfied me.   The more I thought about what scent I might enjoy, I realized, HEY, how about plain old vanilla?  I like plain old vanilla.  I like it a lot!

I tinkered around (which thankfully is fun for me) and came up with this DIY vanilla air freshener spray.   It’s sooo much nicer than the fake flowery smells of the store bought sprays.

It’s super simple too!  Just combine the cheap imitation vanilla extract with some water and you’re good!  Be sure to use a Mist Bottle , not a spray bottle.  A spray bottle shoots out too heavy of a stream and you’ll get things around the room wet.  Spritzing some of this spray up into the air with a mist bottle works perfectly.


You will need:

  • 1 Cup Water

  • 3 Tablespoons Imitation Vanilla Extract

  • Mist Bottle

Combine the water and the vanilla extract.  Place in a mist bottle.  To use, spritz some of the spray up into the air as needed to add the warm cozy smell of vanilla to the room.

How about you?  What’s your favorite scent to freshen a room?


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    • BeverlyBeverly says

      Hi Loretta – Sometimes it can be a challenge to find mist bottles in the store. In the past I have been able to find them at a beauty supply store (Sally Beauty Supply), but lately they have been out of stock at my local store. They can also sometimes be found in the personal care area of larger stores where the travel size products are sold, but the down side of that is they are usually a small 2 oz size. You can buy them through Amazon too. (You can click on the link up above that says “mist bottle” to see an example).

  1. Diana Haddad says

    I refill a empty non-aerosol hairspray bottle for my mist bottle for my plants. You could paint or decorate that bottle and it is one more way to recycle.

    • BeverlyBeverly says

      That’s a great idea! That reminds me that I’ve re-used the mist bottles from the body fragrance sprays too. They’re perfect for misting, but sometimes the fragrance smell lingers in them. To get rid of a lingering smell in a bottle I’ve filled them with water and a few teaspoons of baking soda and let them soak, with good results.

  2. Barb says

    My favorite scent, especially for kitchens and bathrooms, is lemon. Can you think of any reason you couldn’t substitute lemon juice?

    I think this is a great idea. I have some lung issues and strong, artificial scents bother me.

    Thank you!

    • BeverlyBeverly says

      Lisa – you can certainly use real vanilla in this recipe, however the real vanilla is more expensive. If you use the imitation vanilla it keeps the cost of the recipe a little more budget friendly.

    • BeverlyBeverly says

      Imitation vanilla is what most people are buying when they buy vanilla at the grocery store and don’t even realize that in fact it does say “imitation” on the bottle. But you can also find smaller bottles that say “real” vanilla and those are quite a bit pricier. The flavor of the “real” vanilla is a little richer, but if you’re using it for an air freshener, the flavor doesn’t matter.

  3. Kristi says

    I’m moving into my apartment soon and want a nice scent to spray in my room and bathroom! I love this!! Do you know how long the mixture lasts?

    • BeverlyBeverly says

      Mine has been lasting for several months with no problems. If you make it with distilled water or filtered water, that helps it last longer too.

  4. Ginny Berry says

    We had run out of some vanilla air freshener. There was no brand name on the bottle, so I ‘googled’ vanilla air freshener and your site popped up. I immediately went to the kitchen and mixed up a batch and refilled the bottle!! Amazing!! So glad I found your site.

  5. Christine says

    This sounds fantastic! This may seem like a silly question but do you know if it attracts ants? Or stain carpets? Or does the water dilute it enough that this won’t happen?

    • BeverlyBeverly says

      I have not had a problem with any staining or attracting of ants or anything. I use this spray primarily in my kitchen where there are mostly hard surfaces. I usually mist it up high in the air and let it filter down, and it’s a very fine mist that has not caused any unwanted side effects.

  6. tito perez says

    Can I make this without the risk of attracting ants? I say this because of the sweet smell of vanilla, but since it has no sugar I don’t know if it is risky

    • BeverlyBeverly says

      I have not had any problems with this spray attracting ants or other bugs. Using the mist bottle makes a really fine spray which helps.

  7. Christina says

    I wanted to know: I’m really sensitive to anything imitation (eye issues), how much alcohol free vanilla extract would you use to water and do you think it will last as long?

    • Christina says

      Forgot, guess it would be expensive, but is there a way to make it so it’s not, hmm… Lol… I do well w/ the smell of lemon juice, don’t know much about lemon oil…

    • BeverlyBeverly says

      Well I usually tell people to start with less if you are experimenting because you can always add more, but you can’t take it back out once it’s in! So perhaps you could start with just 1 or 2 tablespoons to a cup of water, especially if the extract you are using is higher priced and you want to keep your spray economical. If that is not a strong enough scent for you keep adding a few more teaspoons at a time until you are happy with the scent. I think it would probably last just as long as the regular vanilla extract too.